The Hellenic Business Association of Serbia held the Cutting of Vasilopita 2022!

The Hellenic Business Association of Serbia held the traditional reception to mark the Cutting of Vasilopita, a custom upheld in Greece to mark a successful business year for a company.

The reception gathered a large number of the Association’s members and friends, while the Serbian Economy Minister, Ms. Andjelka Atanasković, was a special guest at the event. The event was also attended by the Ambassador of Cyprus, H.E. Mr. Demetrios A. Theophylactou, as well as representatives of the Department of Economic and Trade Relations of the Greek Embassy in Belgrade, Mr. Vassilis Skronias and Mr. Marios Belibasakis. The event took place on February 22, 2022, at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Belgrade.

Nikolaos Sliousaregko, the Vice-President of the HBA, Stylianos Zakof, President of the HBA and Vuk Dapčević, Treasurer of the Management Board of the HBA/Promo HBA

The gathering was officially opened by the Association’s President, Mr. Stylianos Zakof, who said: “The previous period affected the business of all of us and we faced many challenges, but I can proudly say that Greek companies have managed to overcome the difficult conditions imposed by the pandemic, as well as to continue their business activities. The presence of the wider business community in friendly Serbia and its contribution to the local economy remain significant. Greek companies, members of the Association, are present in almost all economic sectors, such as hotel, construction, cement, sugar, building material and aluminium profile industries, as well as oil trade, banking, food and beverage, retail, services, etc.” Mr. Zakoff also pointed out that, in the previous period and despite the difficult working conditions, the Association successfully carried out a number of activities and initiatives. Concluding his address, Mr. Zakoff wished the guests a lot of success, both personal and professional, in 2022.

Stylianos Zakof, President of the HBA/ Promo HBA

The Economy Minister, Ms Andjelka Atanasković, said the following in her address: “Greece is one of the important economic partners of Serbia, with whom Serbia has had traditionally good business cooperation and friendly ties, as well as the desire to improve economic cooperation.” The Minister also pointed out that the cooperation between the two countries was characterized by significant Greek investments, and added that the trade between the two countries has not yet reached its full potential. She went on to say that there were numerous opportunities for improving bilateral economic cooperation, adding: “I would like to highlight the Republic of Serbia’s readiness and intention to support potential investors from Greece in realizing their business intentions, having in mind that Serbia has a stable business environment, as well as an appealing investment environment,” she added. Ms. Atanasković wished the guests good health, a lot of success and good financial results in 2022.

Andjelka Atanasković, The Economy Minister/ Promo HBA

The Hellenic Business Association of Serbia also gave out its traditional award, marking its 10th anniversary in Serbia. This year, the Balkan Cargo Company and the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Belgrade were the award recipients. The Greek choir, Elinofonia, performed two songs by famous Greek composers on the occasion.

During the evening, the Vice-President of the HBA, Mr. Nikolaos Sliousaregko, presented the history of the custom of Vasilopita, which ended with its traditional cutting ceremony. This year, the Color Media Communications Company was a lucky founder of a coin hidden in Vasilopita and won a gold ducat from the Association.

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