The Miele company in the Fair of ethnic food and beverages

This year’s Fair of ethnic food and beverages brought together numerous exhibitors of food products prepared according to traditional recipes in order to create a brand that would facilitate their presence on foreign markets. Among the friends of the event was the company Miele, whose long tradition makes them proud having in mind that they fully comply with the idea of ​​this event.


At the stand of the City of Belgrade, in the 11th Fair of ethnic food and beverages, the company Miele presented its appliances in a kitchen which, with ease, can prepare both traditional and all other specialties in a healthy and efficient way. Although the epitome of modern design and the latest technology, Miele appliances are shown that are a great partner to all housewives to prepare traditional dishes for which recipes inherited from their mothers and grandmothers.

20000106164.highresOne of the devices that Miele cooks would use to perform “live cooking” was a combined oven where you can cook on a pair. In this way, the food loses much less vitamins and the taste of food is much stronger and more beautiful. It is only necessary to be creative and devise a perfect meal, and this oven will help you to keep each dish its own unique taste and smell. Also there were Miele aspirators that pull all the odors released by cooking traditional food but also modern refrigerators and vacuum drawers that are perfect for keeping prepared dishes.

20000099249.highres Miele na Sajmu Etno hrane i pica 1Performance of Miele has attracted many visitors who enjoy the rich taste of food prepared in a device of this German manufacturer.

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