The most successful companies in terms of net profit

The highest number of companies, that recorded the biggest net profit, are those operating in the processing industry, followed by wholesale and retail.

One hundred companies with the highest net profit in 2020 generated slightly less than a third of the net profit of all companies put together, with an average share of 21.9% in the core financial performance. At the same time, they employed 1/10 of all workers in the business sector.

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Most of the companies from the observed list operate in the S-sector (processing industry), where 42 companies generated a net profit that is one fifth higher than last year and amounted to 84,383 million dinars. There is also a large number of companies from the G-sector (wholesale and retail), i.e. 19 companies whose profits increased by almost three quarters and amounted to 33,861 million dinars. The growth of net profit (82.1%) was also recorded by 13 companies from the F-sector (construction), which amounted to 20,762 million dinars. Seven companies from the J-sector (information and communications) increased their profit by 15.7%, which amounted to 25,269 million dinars.

Observed by size, most of these companies are large (74), and their profit of 174,771 million dinars increased by a quarter. There are also 19 medium-sized companies, which profits more than doubled compared to the previous year, while the net profit of four small and three micro-companies grew more intensively (7.4 and 6.5 times respectively).

The first five companies on the ONE HUNDRED BEST COMPANIES LIST in terms of the net profit in 2020 generated more than a fifth of the net profit of those hundred companies combined.

On the list of one hundred companies that stand out in terms of the value of their net profit, 72 companies are creditworthy, of which 54 have excellent or very good creditworthiness, while the creditworthiness of 16 companies, that underwent a status change, was not assessed. In 2020, only one company on the list suffered from illiquidity, for six days.

Slightly less than two-thirds of the companies on the list (63) were on the same list in the previous year too, while five companies operated at a loss in 2019, and one was founded in 2020.

The first five companies on the ONE HUNDRED BEST COMPANIES list, in terms of net profit in 2020, bring in more than a fifth of the net profit of those hundred companies combined, and two companies were among the top five in the previous year.

The first place on the list of the most profitable companies in 2020 is occupied by the largest company in the Republic of Serbia – PE EPS BELGRADE (13th place in 2019) – which net profit stood at 12,883 million dinars and was 3.5 times higher than last year, while is also significantly higher than the profits of all other companies. The company achieved a significant increase in profitability due to better results in all business segments, primarily due to the growth of operating revenues (1.1%) and rationalization in the performance of energy activities.

TIGAR TIRES DOO PIROT (fourth in 2019) ranked second on the list of ONE HUNDRED BEST COMPANIES in terms of the net profit in 2020, with a profit of 9,213 million dinars, a 2.1% annual increase. The company’s high profitability was achieved by producing vehicle tires and retreading them. Despite the pandemic leaving its mark in 2020 and the company’s production being suspended, TIGAR still managed to generate business revenues of 94,545 million dinars (fourth place).

As in the previous year, TELENOR DOO BELGRADE occupies third place on the list, with the achieved net profit of 8,405 million dinars, 20.2% less than last year. By performing its core activity of wireless telecommunications, the company increased its operating revenues (1.7%) to 46,049 million dinars, but due to faster growth of operating expenses (7.4%), operating profit decreased and amounted to 10,972 million dinars.

The fourth place on the list belongs to SERBIA ZIJIN COPPER DOO BOR (18th place in 2019), with 8,402 million dinars of net profit, which is 2.6 times more than the year before. The company is doing much better despite difficult conditions due to the coronavirus pandemic, thanks to increased mining production.

The fifth position among the most profitable companies in 2020 goes to COCA-COLA HBC – SERBIA DOO ZEMUN (14th place in 2019), with a net profit of 5,668 million dinars. The company’s profit increased by 55.6% compared to the year before, and due to its financing activities, the company managed to increase its total profitability. Also, due to dividends paid by the subsidiary BAMBI KONCERN AD POŽAREVAC, the company’s profit increased about seven times and amounted to 2.718 million dinars. Overall, the company increased their business results by 7.5 times, to 1,057 million dinars.

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