The new management of Henkel Ceresit in Serbia

Celebrating the forthcoming anniversary of the Henkel Ceresit factory in Inđija a new director of the Adhesive Technologies business sector Henkel Serbia, Mr. Predrag Armuš was presented. He came from the post of general director of Henkel BH.

Predrag Armus, direktor sektora Adhezivi Tehnologije kompanije Henkel Sr...

He emphasised the importance of the factory which annually produces more than 100,000 tons of adhesives for 6 markets in the region and more than 23 million residents. On this occasion, the two leading innovative product range of Ceresit – CM 11 Plus Power with special polymers for greater slip resistance and faster grouting on the wall, and CM 16 with silicate fibers for even greater power and strength of the bond were presented. “I am very pleased that nearly ten years have managed to meet the expectations and needs of our customers constant innovation in products and applying the latest technological solutions with superior quality Cereste,” said Mr. Armuš. The media representatives used an innovative applications “Ceresit Facade Designer” to devise façades thanks to 3D visualisation of houses and the creator of the most creative solutions for the façade got Ceresit façade material in the amount of 1,500 euros enabled by Société Générale Bank.

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