The online conference “Business and People – How to Invest Smartly”

The online conference “Business and People – How to Invest Smartly” in the organization of the Poslovni Skok, Development Agency of Serbia, the EEN network and the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, will be held on Thursday and Friday, 25th and 26th, June 2020.

Speakers at the conference are: Milun Trivunac, State Secretary of the Ministry of Economy, Branka Marinkovic, Senior Advisor for Financial Analysis, Sector for Strategic Investments, Development Agency of Serbia, Biljana Vrzić, Director of the Sector for International and RS Funds, Development Agency of Vojvodina, Biljana Žižić, National Employment Service, Jelena Trenkić, Development Fund of AP Vojvodina, Jasmina Radovanović, MA, NALED, Regulatory Reform Advisor, Srđan Maletić, Intesa Invest, Director of the Investment Fund Management Company, Prof. Dr. Boris Dumnić, Faculty of Technical Sciences, Novi Sad, Associate Professor, Director of the Department for Energy, Electronics and Telecommunications, Ljubomir Jovanović, Omega CT, Finance and Controlling Consultant, Mirjana Kovačević, MA, Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Head of the Center for Education, Dual Education and Education Policies and Director of the SCC Business Academy, Ivan Bakić, Nectar, Bogoljub Pantelić, BOSIS Valjevo, Miloš Tomanović, INSPIRE, HR Expert & INSPIRE Instructor, Dragana Jocić, Phoenix Group Serbia, Human Resources Director, Alisa Evsina, NIS ad, HR Director, Ivan Milosavljević, USAID Economic Development Cooperation Project

The following topics will be covered: What programs and incentives are available to the economy, How to measure profitability and return on investment, How to reach clients abroad, Why investing in investment funds and renewable energy sources is a smart investment, What more to invest in – business or people, Crisis management-experiences of successful companies after a pandemic and a state of emergency.

The online conference will be held on Zoom, apply at the following link: REGISTRATION

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