The right time for domestic production – Entrepreneurs, take the chance!

The dm drogerie markt group currently operating in 13 countries of Europe, with a network of over 3,500 retail outlets, will provide space on its shelves for a minimum of 20 products of domestic entrepreneurs. Through a wide distribution network, they will be able to finally place their product in the best possible way, and at the same time reach a large number of consumers. Until recently, the products will be invisible to the widest part of the public, they will be given the opportunity to reach everyone at the end of the project, and domestic producers will have the opportunity to develop their business and raise them to a higher level.

Consulting and mentoring suppliers, redesign of packaging and application of the latest brand of product development strategies during the project, as well as complete marketing support and promotion of selected products through dm and external advertising channels, are some of the basic benefits that organizers will provide to producers who pass the final selection.

The whole project has caused great public attention, as seen in presentations held in eight cities across Serbia, and the organizers say that now is the right time for those who are thinking that their product will be announced as the applications are open until November 30 through

It is enough that you have a unique idea for a new, innovative, high-quality, preferable organic homemade product or product with partial organic ingredients from the food segment, dietary or cosmetic additives, or care and beauty products that contain a part of raw materials based on fruits, vegetables or medicinal herbs , which you produce or plan to produce in Serbia. Just as it is said, one of the basic criteria for selection is that the products that producers submit contain raw materials originating in Serbia, and that so far they have not been included in the offer of any commercial or HORECA facility operating in Serbia.

A decision on what new products will be found on the dm shelves will be made by an expert jury that will represent the representatives of all partner organizations in the project based on the rules and conditions of the competition, as well as clearly defined selection criteria. Development Agency of Serbia (RAS), USAID Competitive Economy Project and National Association for Organic Organic Development Serbia Organica together with DM will manage the project and selection process, and at the same time give support to everyone who fights for their place on the shelves.

Additionally, when choosing these products, customers will directly support the empowerment of domestic production and, according to their own needs and wishes, continue to create an offer of dm.
Upon completion of the applications, on November 30th, there will be a check and selection of products that will be shortlisted, and after that, those selected will be part of the project “dm incubator”.

Your applications, as well as detailed information about the project and how to apply, can be found on the portal

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