The Tax Administration has especially contributed to the reduction of the grey economy

“The American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) members believe that the Ministry of Finance has achieved the stabilization of public finances, reduced public debt and preserved the stability of the budget, which deserves praise. We believe that the same pattern should be continued and the business environment should be improved by regulating parafiscal charges, public procurement, relaxation of foreign exchange regulations and systematic tax administration reform in order for the economy to gain wings necessary for further growth and opening new jobs” said Jelena Pavlović, AmCham Chairman, and in an open conversation with Siniša Mali, Minister of Finance.

In the focus of talks with Siniša Mali there were issues of importance for further improvement of the business environment such as the direction of fiscal and financial reforms. Speaking about stimulating sustainable economic growth and maintaining the stability of the budget, Finance Minister Siniša Mali emphasized that ministry priorities in the coming period will be the transformation and modernization of Tax Administration, as well as the adoption of stimulating measures packages that will stimulate further growth of the economy.

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