The traditional event of Vasilopita cutting was organized online for the first time

The Hellenic Business Association of Serbia celebrated the 18th traditional event of Vasilopita Cutting, which was organized in the online format for the first time. The event presents continuity of online activities, but also an initiative of the Association to adapt the tradition of Vasilopita Cutting to the current working conditions.

Vasilopita Cutting

The President of HBA emphasized in his introductory speech that the Hellenic Business Association of Serbia is always available to its members, for any kind of assistance and support – especially today when it is very important that representatives of the Greek business community selflessly support each other.

Hel also reminded the members that the main goals of the Association remain the same: “To represent the Greek business community in Serbia in a way worthy of its size, offer and quality, to promote cooperation between our members and the wider business community in Serbia, as well as to encourage investment initiatives of its members and other Greek investors.ˮ

As a token of gratitude for ten years of support, the Hellenic Business Association of Serbia awarded the member companies Chipita and Kleeman. The company Move One Relocations was nominated for this year’s “lucky member” who received the Vasilopite gold coin, in an alternative way – through a raffle.

The Hellenic Business Association of Serbia (HBA) was founded seventeen years ago – on December 3, 2003 – as a private, non-governmental, non-profit organization of Greek businessmen in Serbia.

The member companies of the Hellenic Economic Association of Serbia represent Greek economic interests in a broader sense, and in Serbia are active in various sectors – construction, hospitality, heavy industry, food and beverage, telecommunications, retail, real estate, various services, etc. Greek investments so far exceed 1.5 billion euros and their companies employ more than 5,000 employees

Since its founding, the Hellenic Economic Association of Serbia has remained committed to its basic mission: bringing the Greek and Serbian markets closer and strengthening economic relations between the two countries, supporting the process of economic reforms in Serbia, strengthening the economy and improving business conditions in the country.

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