The women ambassadors wove carpets in Pirot

Canadian Ambassador H. E. Kati Csaba and the wife of US Ambassador Anne Godfrey tried their hand at weaving looms in the vicinity of Pirot today, with the help of skilled weavers, who gathered from different parts of Serbia to share their knowledge within the fifth Weaving Colony.

The Fifth Weaving Colony was held from August 4 to 7 on Stara Planina, in the Dojkinci Mountain Lodge, and was organized by the umbrella association of handicraft producers Ethno Network and the City of Pirot, under the auspices of the Canadian and US embassies. Due to the epidemiological situation and respect for the measures, a smaller number of weavers are participating this time, but they are all in the mood to discover their little tricks, which they have been perfecting for years. One of the participants in the colony is the wife of the American ambassador Ann Godfrey, who values ​​the cultural heritage and handicrafts of women from Serbia.

She comes from Ireland and is engaged in knitting, sewing, making blankets, and during this week she is also learning to weave. Handmade work from Serbia and the brand of this region, the famous Pirot carpet, left a strong impression on Ambassador Csaba. The president of the Ethno Network, Violeta Jovanović, said that it would help if galleries were opened in tourist places, where old crafts would be presented and handicrafts would be sold.

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