The World Premiere of “Newspapers” at NEM!

Drama series with the always intriguing title “Newspapers” will experience a world premiere on June 14, 2016, during this year’s fourth NEM in Dubrovnik.

“Newspapers” drama series in 12 episodes in which we follow the journalistic editorial of a Rijeka daily during sudden changes of ownership and internal turmoil that directly caused severe traffic accident. Despite the shocking takeover of ownership by politically and socially influential tycoons and the change of editorial policy, the newsroom journalists continue to explore and they manage to stack a mosaic of broader transition.


“Newspapers” is certainly the most complex drama series that we have done, but we believe that we managed to do the job that equals to the highest standards of the current European drama productions. The biggest challenge is certainly a very demanding text, which requires considerable concentration, convert dynamics and holds tensions for 12 episodes. We are convinced that the world premiere of our series at the NEM, where the first episode will be shown to the audience consisting of some of the most important people of television and film business today, open the way for our project far beyond the Croatian borders. – Said the producer of the series Nebojša Taraba (Drugi plan).

“Newspapers” was the first television series of the Cannes laureate Dalibor Matanić made from a screenplay by Ivica Đikić,, produced by the production company Drugi plan for HRT led by Nebojša Taraba and Miodrag Silom, starring Branka Katić, Trpimir Jurkić, Aleksandar Cvjetković, Olga Pakalović, Zijad Gračić and many others.

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