UniCredit and UNI Global Union sign an international agreement to strengthen the dialogue on human rights and fundamental labour rights

UniCredit announced the signing of a Global Framework Agreement (GFA) with UNI Global Union . The agreement will strengthen the dialogue between the two parties on human rights and fundamental labour rights and confirms the Group’s commitment to the highest international standards in this area. The agreement builds on previous declarations signed by the Bank with the UniCredit European Works Council (UEWC).

The GFA was signed by UniCredit CEO Jean Pierre Mustier and the UNI Global Union General Secretary Christy Hoffman at the UniCredit European Works Council’s ordinary meeting held on January 22, 2019.

UniCredit CEO Jean Pierre Mustier commented: “At UniCredit, we believe that to do well, we must also do good, and always acting ethically is a core part of this. Our success depends on respect: an open culture which allows each and every one of our people to actively add value to our business.”

Christy Hoffman, General Secretary of UNI Global Union, said: “This agreement sets a new standard for how our financial institutions should behave – elevating the rights of employees and customers. UniCredit has long been a leader in financial services, and is now showing great leadership as an employer and commitment to its global workforce.”

The framework agreement represents another important step in the Bank’s Transformation journey which started two years ago. Its principles will be disseminated and implemented through all the Legal Entities of UniCredit Group.

The document covers several areas including specific commitments on:

• Protecting human rights: in alignment with the Group’s Code of Conduct and the General Environmental and Social Principles and in observation of the United Nations Guidelines on Business and Human Rights;
• Combatting sexual misconduct, harassment and bullying, including the ongoing commitment to adopt the necessary measures to combat the risk of sexual harassment in the workplace;
• Combatting discrimination and promoting diversity: committing to joint UniCredit and UNI promotion of diversity and inclusion irrespective of sex, age, ethnic origin, ability or sexual orientation – fighting discrimination and supporting disabled workers throughout their working life.

The global framework agreement also covers Trade Union rights, highlighting that UniCredit commits to ensuring a positive working environment, with the right to freedom of association as well as a healthy work-life balance in line with the Joint Declarations previously signed with the UEWC. There is also a section on the continued promotion of a healthy and safe working environment and on UniCredit’s commitment to responsible sales.

This agreement is consistent with UniCredit’s belief that respect and strong ethics are crucial for guaranteeing business sustainability.

The implementation of the agreement will be jointly monitored by UniCredit Central Management and UNI, who will meet once a year to discuss progress.

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