UniCredit Bank Pre-approval

The decision to take a home loan is not an easy one, and one of the limiting factors is certainly a complex approval process, because it does not only include the client and the bank, but also a number of other institutions, Real Estate Cadastre.

Based on the amount of income and other lending obligations, if any, UniCredit Bank issues clients with the so-called pre-approval valid for the next 6 months, and which bank guarantees in advance the amount of funds that customers can count on when buying a new home, of course, essential elements remain unchanged (eg, earnings, monthly duties, etc.). This practically means that customers are in a much better position when negotiating with sellers because they have paper in their hands that guarantees that the loan will be approved and in this way can be treated as buyers who have available money to buy. And not only that, the client now has additional security that they will not be in a position to lose the given fee.

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