UNIQA for the sixth year in a row remains the official insurance and proud sponsor of the most massive athletic event in Serbia – Belgrade Marathon, which on Sunday, April 14, holds 32 times in our capital. In addition to ensuring the safety of the participants, UNIQA will also provide the best rhythm on the already traditional Music Avenue, which will be joined by street musicians for the first time on the proposal of visitors and by the reputation of the world’s biggest marathons, and will be extended to new points.

“Many support Marathon, but UNIQA also supports marathoners! That’s why our Music Avenue, which has become the symbol of this most massive sports event in our country, will be accompanied by unique reinforcements – street musicians this year with trumpets, drummers and DJs. In addition to the points on the move from London to Branko’s bridge, our music marathon will be richer for two new music stations – at the Flower Square and in the Milutin Milanković Boulevard in New Belgrade. We know that in sports, as well as in life – the most important is a good rhythm, which we will provide the runners in the key – the first and last racing events. I believe that a great atmosphere will attract a record number of participants and that we will send the most beautiful postcard from Belgrade, “said Sonja Marić, director of the Marketing and Corporate Communications Division of UNIQA Insurance.

In addition to being a good entertainment and necessary support for runners, UNIQA will join the campaign in the spirit of the upcoming Marathon. Cancer is curable. Thus, for every kilometer the employees of this company and their family members will master the traditional Race of Satisfaction, they will donate the euro for the acquisition of magnetic resonance for the Clinical Center of Serbia. The humanitarian walk of UNIQA Insurance, organized under the slogan “Hike for Happiness”, because Sava Randjelovic, water polo representative and one of the promoters of this company will be joining each kilometer.

“UNIQA has been a witness for six years and is the author of one of the most important stories of persistence and the power of will. We continue to grow together with the Belgrade Marathon, aware that the most important history is still written in the hearts of those we help. Therefore, this year our goal is not only to pass through the winning gates on Terazije, but to gather in the largest number so far. Every step we make together is a step towards obtaining the necessary diagnostics for the largest health center in our country. We have motivation and desire, but also the best company – the current Olympic and European champion in the water polo Sava Randjelovic who knows that victory is gained by the perseverance and strength of the will, “said Marićeva.

She added that alongside Randjelovic, water polo players Andrija Prlainovic, Milan Aleksic and Dusan Mandic, also promoters of UNIQA Insurance, were given support to the Belgrade Marathon, inviting contesters and the audience to join as many as possible.

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