UNIQA strengthens the region of Southeast Europe

Nikola Đukić appointed as the new President of the Executive Board of UNIQA Non-life

Tihomir Milošević is as new President of the Executive Board of UNIQA Life

UNIQA Serbia, as part of the UNIQA Group present in 18 countries and the fifth in the insurance market in Central and Eastern Europe, continues to implement its growth program “UNIQA 3.0 – Seeding the Future” started in 2021.

The next level of transformation is focused on the countries of the SEE region and its ultimate goal is to provide better customer service and become more customer-oriented and efficient in all markets and focus strongly on the digitalisation of the company and its offerings.

The SEE region, namely Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro, and Serbia, is the 3rd largest group of companies in UNIQA Customer & Markets International business with a GWP of € 245 Mio. in 2021 and 1,700 employees. With a market of over 2 million customers, SEE countries represent great potential for growth and development through enhanced regional cooperation, data driven and customer-centric approach and innovation.

Following this next level of the UNIQA 3.0 growth program, a group of countries in the SEE region is further strengthened by a dedicated regional team for each business model and business area of responsibility.

By the decision of the Supervisory Board, and with the consent of the National Bank of Serbia, Nikola Đukić is appointed as the new President of the Executive Board of UNIQA Non-Life Insurance Serbia and replaced Saša Krbavac, who took over a new strategic role in UNIQA Group Austria.

Saša Krbavac stated on the appointment of Nikola Đukić as the new president of the Executive Board of UNIQA non-life insurance: “Due to his vast experience, strong commitment and determination, Nikola Đukić is an excellent fit for the position of President of the Executive Board of UNIQA Non-life Serbia. He has deep business knowledge and the right leadership skills to continue the company’s success!”

Nikola Đukić is a successful manager with many years of experience in numerous management positions, of which he has worked as the Director of Retail and Digital Business for the last two years. He built his career in IT and insurance, first in Zepter insurance, and after acquisition by UNIQA Insurance, he continued in the sales division. He came to the position of Deputy Director of the sales division in 2011, and soon became the Director of the strategic support sector, where he worked until 2014. when he was appointed as a member of the Management Board in charge for sales (CSO). That period is characterized by exceptional results of all sales channels, the development of alternative online sales channels and the improvement of the internal sales network with more than 350 employees. Additionally, he successfully completed the merger of UNIQA Insurance and Basler Insurance Belgrade.

Tihomir Milošević, appointed as President of the Executive Board of UNIQA Life Insurance Serbia, replaced Vidan Marković. Starting at Zepter Insurance, Tihomir continued his career at UNIQA Insurance and then at Societe Generale Insurance where he worked until 2017. A certified actuary with many years of experience in insurance rejoined UNIQA Insurance in the position of Director of the Life Insurance and Personal Insurance Sector, and for the past two years, he has held the position of Director of Business Services for Personal Insurance.

While following its strategy, UNIQA is strongly committed to investing in its people and their growth by providing them with new opportunities for career advancement, both locally and internationally. The application of the best international practice and knowledge will enable the realization of the growth strategy and the improvement of all business processes with a central focus on clients, as the primary goals of the growth strategy of UNIQA 3.0 – „Seeding the Future ”.


UNIQA Serbia is a member of one of the leading European insurance concerns – the Austrian UNIQA Group, which has a 200-year tradition of operating in 18 European markets and has 16 million customers. UNIQA has been operating in Serbia for more than 20 years and is among the leading companies on the market. Recognized as a modern company that keeps pace with the latest trends, sets standards in innovation and customer service, and with more than 700,000 clients, UNIQA Serbia is a leader in banking insurance, private health and travel insurance.

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