UNIQA Supports Serbian Olympians

UNIQA has signed a contract with the Olympic Committee of Serbia and became the official insurance of our Olympic team.

There is exactly four months left until the Olympic Games in Rio in 2016. Therefore, today in the Hyatt Hotel, a contract was signed between UNIQA and the Olympic Committee of Serbia.
President of the Olympic Committee of Serbia, Vlade Divac, thanked the company UNIQA the decision to support the Olympians of Serbia on their road to Rio and welcomed the company into the Olympic family of Serbia:

“UNIQA Insurance is a company that recognises sport as a place for investment, and we always look forward to the event when our team is richer by a company whose people love and understand the sport. The Olympic athletes are in the Olympic year. We recorded excellent results and we are getting closer to Rio .There is exactly four months left until the Olympic Games and I’m sure we will rejoice and celebrate together in August.

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The press conference was also attended by kayaker Marko Tomićević, a new face in the promo team of the UNIQA insurance during the Olympic year, kayakers Nikolina aand Olivera Moldovan as well as the captain of the water polo team, Živko Gocić.

It is a great honour to be among the most successful athletes of Serbia. As is every athlete’s dream to go to the Olympics, so the dream of every company to be in such prestigious company. We are proud to be a part of such a talented and inspired team and as we are in the tenth, jubilee year of our operations in Serbia, we can establish cooperation with a respected organisation like the Olympic Committee of Serbia. I hope this is just the beginning of the successful cooperation and that our athletes will be exactly the support which supports medals. At the same time, all our representatives want a lot of success in Rio, and we will ensure that their travel safe and stay safe” said marketing director of UNIQA insurance Sonja Marić.

Uniqa i olimpijski komitet (12)

UNIQA insurance continuosly invest in sport in Serbia and it is a sponsor of many sporting events. It is the sponsor the Serbian Water Polo Association, supports the implementation of the Belgrade Marathon, and it is working with the Nataša Kovačević Foundation, and the longtime brand ambassador of UNIQAis the selector of the national basketball team, Aleksandar Đorđević.

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