Unit B1 in TENT B rehabilitation completed – a test for knowledge and expertise

Young EPS engineers ready for new projects


Recently completed rehabilitation of unit B1 in Nikola Tesla B thermal power plant ensured stable electricity generation within the system of Electric Power Industry of Serbia, which is particularly important in the time of energy crises in Europe and worldwide. In addition to an increase of the unit capacity for 20 megawatts, to 670 MW, the extension of life cycle and improvement of efficiency, this major work brought out new, young and competent engineers. With their knowledge and gained experience, they are reliable support for future projects of modernization and construction of new power plants.

Works lasted for almost six months, in full intensity, every day, regardless of weekends and holidays. There were more than 1,000 workers on the site from the contractor’s companies, and EPS divisions took part in overhaul of all power plant systems with approximately 300 employees. One of the young engineers who participated in the rehabilitation is Mr. Aleksandar Jovanić. He has been working in EPS since 2020.

– Coordinating a lot of contractors at one place was the most difficult part. This was the rehabilitation with most job positions ever, and they all had to work simultaneously. Coordinating the time and place of work was a considerable feat, having in mind tight deadlines – said Jovanić. – The experience I gained is priceless. This project is an example of extreme engineering.

His colleagues Aleksandar Ilić, Miloš Popović, Bojan Cvetković, Vojislav Arsovski, etc. all agree.

– What has been done is the culmination of our work so far, and with the acquired knowledge and experience on this project, we can work in any other thermal unit without any problems. The scope of works on B1 rehabilitation has never been conducted on any unit before – explained Mr Vojislav Arsovski, mechanical engineer.

Works lasted for almost six months, in full intensity, every day, regardless of weekends and holidays.

Mr Bojan Cvetković, civil engineer, has pointed out that the acquired experience was extremely important for future work, and said that the rehabilitation had promoted work organization and communication between the colleagues.

– No task has been so complicated and time bound so far, which personally for me was a great challenge and additionally motivated me to do my best so that the rehabilitation could be successfully realized. Other colleagues showed such dedication as well – Mr Cvetković explained.

He pointed out that the assistance of older colleagues was extremely essential, since they successfully overcame similar problems before.

– Assistance of older colleagues always helps. Experience and “greyhead“ have an advantage over youth as far as work is concerned. Thank to my older colleagues who have always helped me – said Mr Jovanić, mechanical engineer.

Everyone engaged in this project was aware of the value and significance of modernizing one of the two largest thermal units in EPS. The value of this investment is EUR 90 million. The largest part, i.e. EUR 70 million is for the overhaul of the boiler plant, and even 70 percent of that work was done by Serbian metal and boiler companies.

– As promised during the visit of Mr Aleksandar Vučić, President of Serbia, the rehabilitation of B1 Unit was completed on time, thus securing additional energy security for the country – said Mr Milorad Grčić, Acting Director of PE Electric Power Industry of Serbia. –  In order to start this project three years were necessary for the preparation of project documents, orders, etc.  Four thousand tons of new steel and three thousand tons of building material were installed in this large project and more than fifty-five thousand welds were immaculately made. I would like to thank to young engineers who represented the backbone of this modernization and thus they became a reliable support with the knowledge and expertise necessary for future projects in EPS.

Ecology is a priority

The rehabilitation will enhance environmental protection conditions, in addition to increase of capacity, lifetime and energy efficiency. The installation of NOx reduction system will reduce NOx emissions bellow 200 milligrams per cubic meter. Ecological projects in TENT A and in TENT B are being intensively implemented. The construction of desulphurization plant in TENT A is in progress, and construction project for such plant in TENT B has been started, as well. The goal is to implement all environmental protection projects in the largest electricity factory in the Balkans where more than a half of electric energy is generated and to have all thermal power plants in EPS in total compliance with Industrial Emissions Directive by 2027.

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