US Envoy: ‘We want Balkans where borders and democratic values are respected’

The new US ambassador to Serbia, Anthony Godfrey, said America’s goal is to encourage dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina and to point out how much people in the region would benefit from finding a solution to the Kosovo problem.

“My job is to improve Serbia-US relations, but also to work in the interests of my country in the Balkans, and the interest of America is to make the Western Balkans a place of stability and prosperity, where democratic values are respected, where countries respect borders and have good relations,” Godfrey said in an interview with Radio Television of Serbia.

He emphasized that this is the best way to the European Union, and that is why his goal is to use all the energy and means of the US embassy in Belgrade to help Serbia achieve its goal – which is the EU membership.

He noted that the French decision to block the beginning of negotiations with Northern Macedonia and Albania was a bad signal, but that his Brussels colleagues assured him that the accession policy has not changed completely and that the Union’s expansion is engraved in its founding documents.


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