Viber stickers of UniCredit Bank for everything that matters!

If you find it “reeeeeeeally important” to participate, to be trendy, to say something to someone, to enjoy the weekend, or to care for someone, you can now do this through UniCredit Bank Viber Stickers.

Namely, in accordance with the new slogan “Bank for everything that matters to you”, stickers are created that allow users to express everything that matters to them! The stickers are available on the Viber Sticker market for the next three months, and downloading is free. This is another way in which UniCredit Bank introduces the public with its new slogan, which includes UniCredit’s corporate identity – offers its customers products, services and tips that make a difference in the everyday lives of individuals, families, businesses or large companies. UniCredit Bank was the first bank in Serbia to introduce Viber stickers last summer. They quickly found the way to the users. Namely, they were taken 250,000 times, and were divided into 3 million times.

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