Voice traffic and mobile internet usage are growing every day

Voice traffic on Telenor network reached record highs during the state of emergency, around 50 percent more than in the previous period. During or after major TV announcements, it reaches record heights of 50 percent more then during similar jumps, such as New Year’s Eve.

When it comes to peak periods, it’s usually around noon, more specifically between 10 am and 1 pm, when many people work from home and communicate more with their colleagues. When it comes to data usage, it is most intense in the evenings, until midnight.

“Telenor network is stable and has the capacity to support stronger traffic in this exceptional situation of the COVID-19 virus. We have expanded our interconnection capacities to other operators and are investing all our resources into stable operations of the network. We are all adjusting to new ways of functioning: how to educate our children, work and do our daily tasks. How to be in touch with those we cannot meet personally. And all that while staying at home. Do do so, we need to be connected and that connection to work seamlessly. This is of utmost importance to us, after the health of our employees, which is the absolute priority, ”said Sasa Lekovic, Telenor’s chief technology officer.

Telenor provided free access to a learning platform for primary and secondary school students and teachers. This way of learning, as well as the usege of various digital services, will lead to increasing mobile data. That’s why we give customers some tips for using our network capacity smartly:
Please download only the necessary documents during the day and download the rest during times when there is less general internet usage (00-09h);
When sending or exchanging documents, use the online tools provided for it instead of forwarding them as an email attachment;
If you can, use games or video streaming at a time when Internet consumption is lower;
Turn off autoplay on streaming services and disable automatic media download on chat applications and social networks;
When talking through apps, turn off the video and make audio calls, if possible.

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