Communication as a factor of business company success

Research results on the transformation of the PR profession and its impact on business and development of organizations in the last ten years

The contribution of communication to the achievement of the business results has increased in the past ten years, more than 92 percent of the respondents agreed about survey on the perception of public relations and communication, conducted by the Communication Consulting Agency Chapter 4 PR regarding the decade of business. As many as 97 percent of respondents, based on their business experience, say the role of PR is extremely important for company management.

Representatives from the corporate sector participated in this year survey – 54 percent, and 45 percent were colleagues from PR agencies and the sector of independent public relations consultants. This research is particularly important to us because it is a summary of our business and relations with clients over the past 10 years of Chapter 4. The results are within the expected range because this is also the pulse we get from the field, respectively, from practice “, said Milena Avramović-Bjelica, Executive Director and Co-Founder of Chapter PR.


In the opinion of the research participants, the function of PR contributes most to business results through relations with target and interest publics and building a positive reputation, which is considered by 78 percent of respondents; followed by communication on projects of importance for the whole community and social responsibility (62 percent),
then internal communications, team spirit and business efficiency (59,6 percent). The last information is very important because internal communication was neglected in practice until recently, and thus its impact on team efficiency and company success.

Only 15 percent of respondents said that the role of PR has evolved into a management role in the past ten years, despite the fact that 97 percent of respondents believe that the role of PR is very important for company management and that consulting management is the task and competence of PR. Only four percent of respondents believe that the contribution in achieving business results has not changed, or that it is only slightly, in the last ten years.

These results are partly in line with those of the respondents about the competencies that the management of the company expects from the PR experts. Even 54 percent considers it strategic consulting and communication consulting, and respondents also recognize that PR professionals are expected to have competencies in risk mitigation and crisis communication (41 percent), creative approach to communications and projects (42 percent) and for the most part media and influencer relations (51 percent).

The role of PR advisor has undoubtedly changed in the past 10 years. The business environment has changed, and we can see that communication advisers are keeping up with these changes quite well. Respondents see the role of PR, that is, their own role, as crucial for crisis communication and risk mitigation – about 74 percent of respondets, and in strategic communication planning, which was agreed by 78 percent of respondents. 71 percent believes that the role of PR is important for the promotion and media visibility of a company, brand, product or team. In this moment, during emergency state and Covid-19 pandemy,
we can see clearly the confirmation of such results, especially in the strategic planning and crisis communication segment.“ – said Tamara Bekčić, Menaging Director and Co-Founder of Chapter 4 PR.


Technological transformation has largely contributed to strengthening the role and position of PR in the past ten years (42 percent of respondets) which affected on business processes and communication. Internal and external communications became even more significant, 48 respondents said, and the same percentage consider that PR requires a new set of skills. Significantly, 21 percent of respondents believe that PR consultants have a broader picture of the market and the company, and the same percentage believe that PR professionals are quickly adopting communication trends.

The profession is quite optimistic about further development. Specifically, based on their expert knowledge and business experience, a significant number of respondents are convinced that the importance of public relations will further increase in importance for organizations in the coming years: a total of 90% of respondents believe it will. When it comes to specific areas of PR that will gain in importance in the coming years, 55 percent considers it digital communications, then an advisory and consulting role, as well as crisis communications (41 percent), sustainability and CSR (39 percent) and reputation management (35 percent).“ – explained Olivera Petrović, Account Menager at Chapter 4 Agency.

Communication Consulting Agency Chapter 4 PR is celebrating a significant anniversary this year – 10 years since it was founded. This was the reason for conducting the research on the perception of public relations, as well as how the role of the communicator has changed over the past ten years and the expectations of the communications sector in the following years.
Similar research Chapter 4 PR have conducted in the past two years on topics of understanding of the media and corporate sector, respectively their cooperation, and then the perception of sustainable business in Serbia. The results of these studies have proven to be useful insights for companies and the professional public.

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