Vojvodina and NALED promote a new model of development

The Provincial Government and NALED will conclude a Memorandum of Understanding on the new model of economic development of Vojvodina. The main areas of the partnership will improve the business environment at the local level through the modernisation of the administration of cities and municipalities, construction of infrastructure through PPP, the development of one-stop shop for investors and reducing disparities in the development of Vojvodinian local governments.

Radni susret - NALED i Pokrajinska vlada 1_1280x788 Radni susret - NALED i Pokrajinska vlada 2_1280x720 Radni susret - NALED i Pokrajinska vlada 3_1136x800

A key role will be the formation of the Vojvodina Development Agency. “Our main vision is faster economic development of Vojvodina, especially the 15 underdeveloped local governments. A very important part is the certification process conducted by NALED. We need to attract domestic and foreign investment and to simplify procedures”- said Igor Mirović, Vojvodinian PM. Vice President of NALED Branislav Nedimović stressed that in Vojvodina only 12 local governments had a certificate of favourable business environment. Data show that these are the most successful areas which have 1.29 billion euros since 2008.

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