WATER, a precious resource in beer industry

Water is used in every step of the brewing process and it is central to beer production. It is the main ingredient in the finished product but is also used for washing processes, cooling and packaging and throughout the whole supply chain, including the growth and maintenance of crops.

The company HEINEKEN Serbia, through the “Brewing a Better World” global strategy, focuses on the protection of water resources and its comprehensive program ‘Every Drop’, which is built on three principles of water protection: efficient use of water (using as little water as possible), the principle of circular economy in water use (cleaning and reusing water) and responsible water management (basin maintenance to absorb more atmospheric water).

Based on these principles, the company further creates action plans for the protection of water resources that are adapted to the local context, and in both breweries of HEINEKEN Serbia, in Novi Sad and Zaječar, clear and specific goals are defined and water use reduction programs are permanently implemented.

Reducing energy and water consumption means increasing energy and water efficiency and switching to other more environmentally friendly energy sources where feasible. Energy and water reduction is achieved by optimizing the production processes and, within the last decade, the company HEINEKEN Serbia has reduced its water consumption by 75% and, year after year, strives to continue this trend.

All the water that is used for the entire process of beer production in the HEINEKEN Serbia is eventually released in nature but, in a strictly controlled way, through the wastewater treatment plant – this is a separate plant for industrial water purification and its function is to purify the water and make it safe for the environment before the final release into nature.

By understanding the critical importance of sustainable use and protection of water to safeguard this precious resource and as one of the world’s largest brewers and a signatory to the United Nations CEO Water Mandate, HEINEKEN recognizes that it has a responsibility to promote responsible water use and encourage all its partners and suppliers to do the same. For all its water-related investments, the HEINEKEN Company primarily considers and sees benefits for the wider community, not just its breweries.

Every drop counts.

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