Welcome to the New Era of Living

The second phase in the construction of the Novi Dorćol the residential and business complex will entail 6 residential blocks with 347 apartments, 480 new parking spaces, 9 commercial premises, a central square with a pedestrian zone, plenty of green spaces, a fountain, children’s playground, restaurants and cafes

With the official start of the second phase in the construction of the Novi Dorćol exclusive residential and business complex, a New Era of Living has begun. The official slogan of this imposing building – “New Era of Living” – fully reflects the new vision of comfort, convenience and luxury of the new 347 residential units located on Venizelosova Street. A cocktail party was held on Tuesday, June 14, to mark the beginning of the second construction phase, in the central square of the Novi Dorćol complex, which was attended by the media outlets, representatives of the Deka Inženjering Company which is building Novi Dorćol, and numerous prominent public and business figures. The Allegretto String Quartet provided musical background to the party.

Promo Deka inženjering

Dušica Gaković, Project Leader from Deka Inženjering, which has been operating on our market since 2011 offering a new quality of living space, as evidenced by the successfully completed residential complex A Block in Novi Beograd, welcomed the guests. With the construction of Novi Dorćol, which is a combination of modern and traditional, Deka Inženjering has demonstrated that this is not just a residential and business complex, but that it also represents the true spirit of Dorćol. This is supported by the incorporation of historical elements into the contemporary housing concept, such as the 19th-century Platnara building, which will be transformed into an exclusive restaurant, as well as the existing luxurious Downtown Wellness Spa, which is at the disposal of the residents of the existing Novi Dorćol blocks daily.

Dusica Gakovic, Project Lead, Deka inzenjering

“By embarking on the second phase in the construction of the Novi Dorćol complex, the real estate developer Deka Inženjering, which I am proud to present tonight, is ahead of all residential complexes that are currently on offer. The new phase of Novi Dorćol’s construction spans 50,000 square metres and will include 6 residential blocks that will have 347 apartments, from studios and one-bedroom to four-bedroom and premium apartments on the last 12th floor, 9 commercial premises, 480 new parking spaces, central square with a wide pedestrian zone, plenty of green areas, a fountain, a playground for children, top-notch restaurants and cafes. I am very glad that we gathered here to celebrate the implementation of this impressive project that is to the mutual satisfaction of developers and our current and future tenants,“ said Dušica Gaković.

Jugoslav Janjić, Chief Architect during the second construction phase, from the Dizajn Arhitektura Company, spoke about the benefits of the second segment of this residential complex.

He pointed out that Novi Dorćol was the only project in which the urban concept respects the historical heritage, building upon the existing environment, and upgrading it with a new residential oasis in the downtown Belgrade with a pedestrian zone that will lead to the future Line Park and other streets in Dorćol. “We are especially glad to have been working with a developer whose priority is to offer top products on the market, from the quality of living space to implemented systems and materials,” Mr Janjić added.

Promo Deka inženjering

The first phase, which consists of 225 apartments and 15 commercial buildings, was realized during the pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus, in just 18 months, and the first tenants moved into their homes in this magnificent building in July last year. The end of the second phase is planned for March 2024, when Novi Dorćol will shine in full splendour. The apartments here can already be purchased so now is the time to make a move that will change your life.

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