Who says we have to go back to normal?

With the launch of a new campaign, the Coca-Cola system enters the third phase of assistance to the community by supporting the HoReCa sector.

“Who says we have to go back to normal? What if the big change is you and me? What if we choose to be open, like never before?” – these are the verses of a popular British artist, George the Poet, who has joined forces with Coca-Cola in the first, long-awaited campaign of the popular global brand since the coronavirus pandemic outbreak.

This inspiring poem is the central topic of the “Open Like Never Before” campaign, aimed at motivating people to open for new possibilities, initiate change that depends solely on them, and appreciate all the little things that life consists of. Since the global pandemic outbreak, George the Poet has been highly active in providing support through his verse. He says that we should not take things for granted, that we can enjoy what is around us more, nourish relations with people close to us and invites to solidarity and empathy among people, because all obstacles are easier to overcome when we are together.
This is the first campaign after a pause in marketing activities for the Coca-Cola system, as it was decided at the very start of this pandemic to re-allocate all resources to providing humanitarian aid across the world. Together with partner bottlers and the Coca-Cola Foundation, more than 120 million dollars was donated to organisations worldwide as assistance and in response to coronavirus. All the resources in Serbia were also re-allocated to key priorities, with humanitarian activities executed in three phases: in the first one, assistance was provided for healthcare centres and medical professionals at the front line of response to coronavirus, in the second one, in the partnership with the Red Cross, the donation worth 200,000 dollars was provided for those in need, while in the third one – the recovery phase, a focus is on the recuperation of the business sector and entrepreneurs.

After the first two phases of assistance, our focus is now on support which we will provide to the partners in the HoReCa sector in the coming months, as they have suffered major economic losses in the pandemic. The upcoming campaign is more than just motivational – it has a clear and specific goal: to support small businesses, local hotels, cafes, and restaurants, many of which have just opened their doors after a very challenging period. The HoReCa sector in Serbia employs more than 65.000 people, who are currently struggling to survive, and we want to help them with that,” said Svetoslav Atanasov, General Manager of Coca-Cola HBC Serbia.

Within the “Open Like Never Before” campaign, Coca-Cola will put at disposal its advertising space for selected HoReCa outlets, with some of the most authentic ones having an opportunity to tell their story on digital channels. Through various activations, Coca-Cola will support more than 600 HoReCa outlets in Serbia in the upcoming period.

For us “Open Like Never Before” is not just a campaign, but the extension of our purpose and a totally new mindset in the changed world. In addition to commitment and desire to offer the best refreshment drinks, responding to all consumer needs, we aim to inspire people to move forward and make the world different and better, while supporting one of the most significant sectors in the world”, said Andreea Dragan, Marketing Director for carbonated drinks in Coca-Cola company.

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