Why is International School the best choice for your child?

As a world-class, future-ready school with the most contemporary approach, interdisciplinary teaching and an international curriculum, the International School will open the door to the world’s most prestigious universities for your child.

At the International School, students can choose between the globally acknowledged programmes available for their top education – the IB Diploma Programme or the Cambridge programme; their choice depends solely upon what they would like to study and where they would like to continue their education.

With renowned IB Diploma and Cambridge programmes, students achieve top academic and professional results

In addition to being recognised as the most innovative Cambridge school in this part of Europe, the International School now has the status of an IB World School, which lets student acquire not only the prestigious Cambridge diplomas, but also the internationally renowned IB diploma, which makes it easier for them to get accepted into the world’s best universities.

Thanks to the knowledge gained at the International School, the students can apply to countless universities all over the world, especially in the USA and Europe. This is why these programmes are the right choice for those who are considering the option of continuing their education abroad. Their proven quality and high standards make the IB and Cambridge diplomas recognised at a great number of universities all over the world as well as highly valued by international employers; therefore, these programmes are the right choice for anyone who is considering the option of continuing their education abroad.

IB diploma – synonymous with quality education with high standards

The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme at the International School is a carefully designed, academically challenging and comprehensive programme that provides a wide range of knowledge from different areas, some of which the students can choose themselves. It is better suited for the students who have not clearly opted for a certain field they would like to study, and usually chosen by students who would like to study in the USA.

The IB Diploma Programme is focused on the development of critical thinking, digital competencies and psychosocial skills, while interdisciplinary subjects equip the student with the skills necessary for the 21st century.

By completing this renowned programme, the students make great strides when it comes to their physical, intellectual, emotional and ethical development; they master at least two languages, make great progress in the traditional subjects and learn to think freely and critically through the unique DP theory of knowledge.

Cambridge opens the door to world’s leading universities

 The Cambridge Programme at the International School is the right choice for students who would like to work in highly specialised areas, such as medicine or engineering, as the Cambridge curriculum focuses on more detailed study of individual subjects. Therefore, this programme is usually the choice of students who have a clear idea regarding what they would like to study.

Through the Cambridge programme, the students gain competitive advantage and become qualified for studying at the best universities in Europe and all over world, as the prestigious ICE and AICE diplomas acquired through this programme are recognised worldwide and serve as a strong confirmation of the student’s knowledge.

Another confirmation of the quality of education gained at the International School are our students’ results at the IGCSE exams, where they rank among the world’s top 3%!

Why should International School be your choice, too?

Along with a positive outlook and a wholesome attitude towards their own development and advancement, the students who attend the International School develop strong motivation for achievement and success, which makes this school an ideal foundation for future educational challenges in higher education and life in general.

Whichever programme they opt for – IB Diploma or Cambridge, at the International school, the students get:

  • high-quality curriculum structured so that it ensures the necessary knowledge along with a comprehensive intellectual, emotional, social and physical development;
  • English-mediated lessons, which raise the mastery of the English language to native-speaker level;
  • interesting, interdisciplinary lessons conducted using cutting-edge technology;
  • globally recognised diplomas that open the door to world’s best universities;
  • wide range of extracurricular activities that expand the student’s views;
  • opportunity to develop their talents through a number of clubs and workshops;
  • encouraging environment and supportive atmosphere for the realisation of their full intellectual potential;
  • support from teachers who learn continually in order to keep in step with the latest developments in pedagogy;
  • mentor who provides guidance throughout the student’s time at school;
  • unique approach based on work in small groups.

Choose the most comprehensive international education for your child

Education at the International School will be a unique and unforgettable experience for your child, comparable only to education at the most successful institutions from the most developed countries of Europe and the world.

Through four years at the International School, your child will acquire prestigious IB or Cambridge diplomas, attend interdisciplinary lessons in English, explore their interests through a wealth of extracurricular activities, participate in volunteering campaigns, learn using modern educational technology, and develop various talents, with the guidance of a dedicated mentor teacher.

Use the most favourable conditions and provide your child with the most comprehensive, world-class education, and let your young one develop freely in an international, encouraging environment.

Let the prestigious IB and Cambridge education be your choice, too, as international education has never been more affordable! Learn more about the currently reduced tuition fees at the International School.

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