winsedswiss Serbia: The Winning Formula Lies in the Applied Knowledge

The Swiss educational group winsedswiss (World Institute of Service Education) is one of the pioneers of lifelong learning and the dual education model.  Located in Switzerland, Romania, Cyprus, and Serbia, the group provides a unique concept of education through all phases of life – from kindergartens to universities and training for all profiles of employed professionals

“Our group represents a bridge between the needs of the market and the demand for qualified staff by offering our students solutions and answers that enable them to achieve high professional goals. Partnerships with the world’s most recognized educational institutions allow us to provide our students with the highest quality education, licensed by the world’s leading schools with internationally recognized diplomas, so they can match their peers from foreign universities and build their careers in Serbia or anywhere around the world”Uroš Urošević, CEO of winsedswiss in Serbia.

Lifelong learning is the key to career success

Traditional concepts of education around the world are increasingly giving way to ‘lifelong learning’ as a model that provides professional development and acquisition of skills needed in the labor market of the future. Dual education, as well as applied knowledge, are becoming a comparative advantage and a key link in the career development of professionals who are valued and sought after by all industries. Starting from the goal of education tailored to today, Swiss educational group winsedswiss (World Institute of Service Education), brings to our market such an approach to education.

ERI by winsedswiss

Finnish program for children because education begins at the earliest age

The concept of lifelong education at winsedswiss begins with the program of the first Finnish extended daycare in Belgrade, intended for children from 7 to 11 years. This educational center brings a Finnish teaching methodology based on interactive, experiential work with children through activities that in a fun way contribute to the cognitive development of the child, development of critical thinking, creativity, and leadership skills.

The program is designed to support the education that children receive in the family and to complete their formal education by learning through play, exploration, socializing and fun. Assistance with homework, corrective learning, practical exercises, monitoring the individual progress, as well as highly qualified staff, make ERI Education Center unique in our market.

ERI Education Center, Matije Gupca 38, Belgrade, Serbia, +381 62 803 1244,

Performance and Customer Experience (pCX)

Postgraduate studies

winsedswiss focuses on providing quality services where the key to success is a direct collaboration with the client and where the client’s experience is as important as the product and service they receive. Postgraduate studies in the field of Customer Experience Management are intended for all those professionals who want to improve their knowledge and skills through mastering trends and best practices in the service industries.

The studies are applicable to professionals and managers working on Customer Experience, call center managers, executive directors, and senior management, professionals in the field of marketing and human resources, as well as business owners.  All of which have a common focus – a great user experience and repeat buyers.

The program is divided into 15 modules, lasting seven months with over 200 hours of training, after which participants will earn a professional diploma issued by winsedswiss Education Group and EHL Advisory Services, a branch of École hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL).

ohma by winsedswiss

Education according to the programs from the most prestigious schools for hospitality and catering

ohma by winsedswiss, Educational Academy for Management in Hospitality accepted its first generation of students, who will acquire knowledge and skills over the next 18 months according to an exclusive Swiss dual model of education. For the first time in Serbia, the future professionals will study according to the programs designed by the most prestigious hospitality education institution in the world, the famous – École hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL).

In addition to the training model that guarantees education in accordance with the highest global standards in this industry, at the end of the program graduates of ohma Academy will obtain the prestigious VET by EHL professional diploma, which will enable them to open doors to the local and global hotel industry.

A perfect balance of theory and practice in the real work environment awaits them at their future workplaces. Internship programs at the best hotels and hospitality companies in Serbia and the region will enable participants to acquire the necessary competencies during their studies. This will give graduates a comparative advantage in the labor market.

Four study programs are available – Culinary, Room division, Hotel administration and Food & Beverage services, after which attendees will obtain internationally recognized diplomas. Divided into three levels – each program lasts 6 months. Upon completion of 18 months of intensive theoretical and practical training, all those who successfully complete these programs will have the necessary competencies for a professional position in hospitality industry, not only in Serbia but anywhere in the world.

ohma Belgrade,,

winsedswiss Talent

Regional hub for human capital solutions

Knowledge and professional skills are the most important resource and comparative advantage in the labor market, but winsedswiss goes further – in addition to educational centers and paid internship programs, we provide young people with the opportunity to become part of our Talent Hub and connect with employers in the hospitality and other target industries that are searching for highly qualified candidates. The Talent Hub is a niche recruitment platform that offers a wide range of career development opportunities both at home and abroad.

In addition to providing job seekers with the opportunity to present their competencies to reputable companies in the field of hospitality and retail, winsedswiss Talent provides young people and all those who want to advance their careers with a unique experience of additional training through webinars and mentorship programs led by proven professionals, as well as counseling, career guidance and professional retraining services. Through professional guidance throughout the entire application process, our candidates acquire the necessary skills to present themselves to future employers in the right way.

Additionally, for companies looking for the most qualified staff on the market, winsedswiss Talent provides professional recruitment and support services for finding the right candidates and professional staff. Our team of experts, as well as a wide base of talent, provides employers with the most precise connection with the candidates they need.

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