Wonderland AI Summit 2021 – 21st and 22nd OCTOBER

Huawei, Amazon, Biontech, Adobe, Spotify, and Many Other AI Innovators at the Wonderland AI Summit 2021

Wonderland AI Summit 2021 will be a place to gather the global AI community from 21st to 22nd October. The summit will be online and will gather more than 2000 participants, more than 100 world-recognized speakers from companies like Huawei, Amazon, Adobe, BioNTech, Spotify, NVIDIA, Samsung, Google, PwC, and many more. And in this year’s edition, the Wonderland AI summit will host more than 50 startups and leading VC funds from all over the world. The event is powered by Huawei, our diamond sponsor, as well as Anari AI and Serbian AI Society.

On four different stages of the summit, people will be able to listen to talks at the Educational, Technical, and Main stage powered by Huawei. Distinguished speakers from the field of AI, like among many others, will cover topics from health, gaming, finance, IT, etc.

  • Sidney Madison Prescott (Spotify)
  • Elena Sokolova (Amazon)
  • Anand Rao (PwC)
  • Michael Boehler (BioNTech)
  • Chris Duffey (Adobe)
  • Patrick Bengert (Samsung SDS)
  • Alison Lowndes (NVIDIA)
  • Josh Simmons (VMware)
  • Nicholas Lane (Samsung AI)

Be part of the future that is coming. Mark the dates on your calendar and secure your seat at the world-changing event. Startups are also welcome to sign up, present their ideas and get in touch with some of the world-leading investors. Find out more information on the event’s official website proactively and innovatively, and get your ticket for Wonderland AI Summit 2021.

“AI can make the world better, safer and healthier, not just for a few of us, but for all of us.” – Mark Minevich, Wonderland AI Summit 2020


About Wonderland AI

Wonderland AI is a global summit that gathers world-class speakers from industry-leading companies that are driven by the same energy and the goal to make the future better using the power of Artificial Intelligence! The idea of the summit is to promote the democratization of knowledge in the field of AI through various approaches to artificial intelligence, as well as the expansion and promotion of technological innovations in a proactive and innovative way.

It is part of the Wonderland AI ecosystem made up of AI enthusiasts, researchers, and leaders in related fields gathered in the Serbian AI Society, Wonderland AI Summit, Angelico, CITY AI, Anari AI – company that raised $2 million to rebuild the ai hardware industry through personalized cloud chips.

For more information, visit https://wonderlandai.com

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