Working breakfast TSG: Employment Talks: Electronic documents in employment and current practice of labour inspections

Why we can (not) use e-signature in labour agreements, which labour law documents are fully using e-form, is our Employment Act loosing a pace with digitalisation, and what does line ministry have to say about these topics? are just some of the topics discussed at the working breakfast held last week in organization of the Law firm TSG and Slovenian Business Club.

Photos by: TSG Promo

These topics have been addressed by the members of TSG team, Senior Lawyer Aleksandra Rajić and Attorney of Law Teodora Veruović. Participants have been presented with possibilites of employment electronic documents use in practice, as well as through current interpretations of ministries and court practice.

Prof. Dr Saša Perišić, Acting Assistant Director of the Labour Inspectorate, spoke on the subject of inspections in the field of labour relations and the functioning of labour inspection in the conditions of Covid-19 and the economic crisis, while Mr. Goran Marković, Head of the Department for Second Instance Administrative Procedure in the Field of Labour Relations and Safety and Health at Work, answered questions from participants related to inspection supervision and electronic documents in labour relations.

Participants had the opportunity to actively participate in the discussion.

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