“Future is Now” – Third Regional Female Leadership Summit – 2 and 3 June at Fruške Terme Resort

Have you ever heard of “Business Angels” and the way they can fund companies run by women? What is NFT and do you know that it can be a matter of prestige for a brand and bring you great financial benefits? How to recognize a good idea and start a successful startup, how to use challenges for the benefit of your own growth and development… are just some of the questions that will be answered by the Third Female Leadership Summit.

Female Leadership Summit/ Promo

The third “Female Leadership Summit” will be held on June 2 and 3 at Fruške Terme Resort. This year, the Summit will bring together over 200 women from across the region, women who will adopt new knowledge with the help of excellent panelists, find inspiration in expert discussions, expand their business network and, above all, it will empower women on their path to success.

This year’s theme: “Future is Now“, is inspired by innovations that are changing the world, and providing us with incredible opportunities.

According to Danijela Golić, the founder of the Summit, this year’s event will be an opportunity for women in business to get acquainted with the latest business trends, find inspiration for their new endeavors and connect with each other along the way, because the present provides opportunities not to be missed.

The Summit will be opened by the Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, Tatjana Matić.

Women from Serbia and the region will have the opportunity to meet and cooperate with other talented women with similar business goals, with whom they will share innovations in business. Attending the Summit will enable you to connect with over 200 professional women, leaders, exchange experiences, gain new skills, and participate in building a strong women’s network, as well as to learn about the latest business trends, “Golić said, adding that “in the previous two years, many women found themselves at a crossroads, and mutual support for each other enabled us to overcome crises and achieve a lot on both personal and professional level, and this support is the main goal of the Summit.”

Danijela Golić, the founder of the Summit/ Promo

 Some of the esteemed participants and speakers at the Summit will be: Tatjana Matić – Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, Brankica Janković – Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, Ana Drašković – global Director of Business Development of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Marija Ilić – President of the Board of the Serbian Games Association, Diana Gligorijević – Co-Founder of Telegroup System, Stella Karl Ćosić – professional and personal development coach, author of 4R program, Marija Pasuljević – Executive Director of the eCommerce Association of Serbia and many others.

Among the many attractive topics will be innovative financing methods such as “Business Angel” and the participants will be introduced to the concept of NFT, which is increasingly attracting the attention of the world public and talk about successful leadership, personal development and emotional intelligence. The second day is dedicated to media, PR, as well as  to the development of startup ecosystems.

“I believe that our role is to recognize and invest in those ideas, businesses and women that are starting or are in the phase of growth and development and give the opportunity to a new generation of young female leaders,” said Danijela Golić, who believes that the third Summit will be a leader in innovation and bring new opportunities for strengthening business women in Serbia and the region.

The “Female Leadership Summit” organization has launched the “Female Leadership Summit Academy”, thus far attended by over 300 participants as well as the “Business Mentor Program” which is taking place for the second year in a row, in addition to numerous other trainings and networking sessions.

For more about the “Female Leadership Summit”, please visit us at:  https://samitzenalidera.com/


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