Yettel network 100% green

Eco bonus for customers for recycling paper and plastic and invitation to join in

Photo: Saša Leković, izvršni direktor tehnike Yettela

Yettel is the first mobile network in Serbia that uses only energy from renewable sources, which is testified to by a certificate issued by the competent institutions of the Republic of Serbia. The Company has also launched the Eco bonus, a new digital service, by the activation of which the customer select to have 4.6 kg of plastic and 2.2 kg of paper/cardboard waste to be recycled on their behalf on the monthly level.

“At Yettel, we are creating a balanced future, with focus on balance with nature. Our goal is to minimize negative influence on the environment and help our customers to do the same. Our network is 100% green, and from the recycling program, in which we have recycled almost 350 thousand devices, we learned that the customers are very willing to join in when you offer them a concrete solution”, says Mike Michel, Yettel CEO.

The assessment* is that an average citizen of Serbia generates monthly 4.6 kg of plastic and 2.2 kg of paper/cardboard waste (total of 6.8 kg). Yettel, together with the operator authorized for waste management, is offering customers to collect and recycle on their behalf the specified waste quantity. All customers have to do is to activate Eco bonus in the Yettel application, either as a new digital service within their tariff packages or as a separate one. That way, even if they don’t physically participate in the entire process, customers give a direct contribution, i.e.  “bonus” for environmental protection.

Find more information on Eco bonus at the link.

* The assessment is based on official data of the Agency for Environmental Protection and the Republican Statistical Institute.

Majk Mišel, generalni direktor Yattela

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