Yield within short period with Intesa Invest Cash Dinar

Investment fund management company Intesa Invest has launched its second investment fund, Intesa Invest Cash Dinar. Intesa Invest Cash Dinar is an open investment fund, organized as a fund for preserving investment value. It mostly invests in cash deposits of banks operating in the Serbian market and in state securities indexed in the dinar. It is mostly intended to investors who want to generate yield within a short period while accepting a low volatility level.

By launching another fund within Intesa Invest, we have additionally expanded the scope of alternative investment forms for citizens and legal entities in a low interest rate environment and created new investment opportunities to help them increase the value of their assets. In addition to providing our clients with the possibility of generating adequate yield and enabling constant asset availability, a lower investment risk and professional asset management, we also offer them top service, professionalism and unique expertise in the market,” said Darko Popović, member of Intesa Invest Supervisory Board.

Banca Intesa founded Intesa Invest in February 2018 in order to respond to market needs in terms of asset investment opportunities.

In addition to Intesa Invest Cash Dinar, Intesa Invest currently also manages investment fund Intesa Invest Comfort Euro. Intesa Invest Comfort Euro is an open investment fund, organized as a balance fund investing in assets indexed in the euro. It is intended for investors who want to direct a portion of their investments to state securities of Serbia and states with better credit rating while having a certain degree of exposure to shares listed at prestigious international stock exchanges.

In order to acquire investment units of the funds managed by Intesa Invest, citizens or legal entities need to sign an application form in any of Banca Intesa branch offices specialized for mediation in sale of investment fund units. After the application form is signed, clients can invest their funds, making the decision when and how much to invest on their own, in line with their possibilities and needs.

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