Zhejiang Export Fair

For the second time, Zhejiang Export Fair 2018 brought together over 40 manufacturers and factories of the most developed Chinese province of Zhejiang in the Belmax Centre in Belgrade.

“Today I feel honoured and fortunate. I am honoured to have given you the opportunity to be at this Fair. I am happy because my decades-long commitment to Serbia’s cooperation with the People’s Republic of China is getting better. This Fair is an opportunity for Serbia to get even better acquaintances from Zhejiang” said Tomislav Nikolić, president of the National Council for Co-ordination of Cooperation with the Russian Federation and NR China. This unique event, for the first time, was given the opportunity in 2017 to present its potential to the countries of the Balkans, and after the event was successfully completed, the organizers decided to place Serbia on the calendar of their fairs and repeat the event this year. In addition to Serbia, this fair is held in Japan, Russia, Turkey, Czechia, Saudi Arabia, Panama, Vietnam, Iran and Malaysia.

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