ALEKSANDRA BANOVIĆ, Client Service Director, Havas Adriatic


2017 was an exceptionally successful year, regardless of the increasingly demanding clients and the pitch process

Advertising and media agency, Havas Adriatic is a member of a French communication network, one of the five most influential in the world. As a result of its own creativity and the tools provided by the Havas Group, the Belgrade team is successfully wiping out borders and operates in the entire region. The quality of their services and staff’s expertise are obviously recognized in a wider area too.

Since you have a wealth of experience in advertising and that you are working for an agency that is a part of a French global network, how much does the power of the Group you work for mean to you?

The very fact that our agency belongs to one of the largest communication networks in the world, which has reputable and highly creative agencies under its roof, speaks volumes about the really great potential that is at our disposal. Network tools and knowledge transfer are available to us in further development of our business and bolstering our reputation in local and regional contexts. I would also like to mention the support that Havas’ globally recognized experts gave us in strategic planning, creative and digital. They came to visit us in Serbia as lecturers and showed support our initiative of contributing to our advertising industry by providing insight into international experiences in creation of some of the most awarded global campaigns. They have also given us useful tips for creating meaningful connections between brands and end users. Another significant benefit of working in such a strong network is opportunity to participate in global pitch processes as a part of a large, multinational team. The opportunities are great also because our network is partly owned by the VIVENDI Group, which is a co-owner of Canal + and Universal Music. This brings us closer to the entertainment industry in more ways than one, and this industry is something that we are definitely going to focus on more in the next year in order to create different content for our existing and future clients which will generate a greater distinction for them in a rather saturated communications market.

What is so typically French in your agency?

Our business practice is greatly influenced by the French business culture where the focus is on unity and building stable relationships within the organization that facilitates understanding and mutual trust. We took the slogan of the French Revolution “Freedom, Equality, Fraternity” as the root of our agency’s motto – “Liberte, Egalite, Publicite” – which reflects our values and the desire to further build ourselves as a strong and stable company oriented towards encouraging individuality and development of creativity.

What advice would you give to your colleagues from the industry?

The three key factors of success – zeal, desire and strength – must never lose on intensity, because only in this way can we achieve top results and attain the unattainable.

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