Sopharma Trading invests in acquiring majority shares in LEKOVIT company

The new partnership aims at building a strong nation-wide player in the healthcare market of Serbia

Sopharma Trading, the largest Bulgarian company by revenue in the pharma sector, has announced its investing intention to acquire the majority shares of LEKOVIT company – the fastest growing pharmaceutical wholesaler in Serbia in the last 3 years. The current shareholder in LEKOVIT, Mr. Petrovic will keep the minority shares and will continue contributing to the further development of the company on the CEO position.

Sopharma Trading is a leader in the healthcare sector that in 10 years has diversified its business model and transformed from a pharmaceutical wholesaler to pharmacies and hospitals into a fully integrated healthcare provider in various market segments. In the period 2006 – 2016 the company has managed constant growth and has increased revenue 5 times and net profit 22 times. Sopharma Trading entered Serbian market in May 2015 with initial plans aiming market penetration of exclusive brands portfolio, followed by establishment of the complete business model operated in Bulgaria.

LEKOVIT company on the other hand is recognized as one of the most reliable pharmaceutical wholesalers in Serbia that has enlarged significantly its customer base, revenue and profit in the last 3 years’ period. The dynamic growth of LEKOVIT is an outcome of the strategy for customer diversification, full utilization of market potential, more efficient partnerships with suppliers and improved profitability.

The partnership between Sopharma Trading and LEKOVIT will build the fundament for a nationwide presence, by combing the financial power and diversified business model of the Bulgarian investor with the local knowledge and strong reputation of the Serbian company. The union will also bring innovation, world-leading practices and modern technologies utilized by the Bulgarian company in its homeland operations.

The acquisition of the majority shares is subject to approval by the Serbian Commission for Protection of Competition.

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