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The simple answer is „no“. If your hearing is damaged and you decide not to use a hearing aid, then it is highly unlikely that you will go deaf. However, this is definitely not the entire story. The truth is that, for most people with damaged hearing, this condition is permanent and irreversible and it is rather unrealistic to expect any improvement.

Memory risks

Neglecting hearing damage affects not only the quality of life, but also the ability of the brain to remember the usual, everyday sounds. When the hearing nerve loses its function and no longer transmits an effective sound to the brain, then, over time, the brain starts to forget the sounds and loses the ability to understand them. The longer people delay wearing hearing aids, it’s more difficult for the brain to adapt to them, and the earlier they start, they have greater chances of success.

Do this initial test and check if your hearing is okay

– Do you have difficulty listening to a conversation involving more than one person?

– Are you increasing the volume on your TV to understand what they are saying?

– Do you have to ask people to repeat what they said?

– Do you think that people often speak too quietly or incomprehensibly?

If you answered at least one question with a YES, then you need to do a professional hearing check as soon as possible!

Why it’s important to wear hearing aids

People with impaired hearing face unpleasant situations on a daily basis, starting with business communication and chatting with their family to being at a store, bank counter, post office, etc., which in the long run, leads to increased tension, fatigue, nervousness, anxiety and stress. There is help and it consists of having a good diagnosis and wearing the appropriate hearing aid.

Oticon OPN – The latest technology for hearing improvement

Oticon OPN was created in order to support the people who do not hear well and is the first hearing aid designed to function by imitating natural hearing. People who do not hear well and use this device cannot only hear better and with less effort, but also they can remember more of what is being said. The research shows that Oticon OPN increases voice understanding by 30% and reduces effort spent on listening by 20%, while the brain tries to understand speech. As less energy is spent on listening to a conversation, people who use OPN are able to remember 20% more of what is being said.

OPN offers wireless connectivity to smartphones and other iOS and Android devices, as well as the free Oticon OPN App application that can control the sound of devices, programmes and other features via a mobile phone. This device can also be directly connected to the Internet and have very useful additional features. Telephone conversations no longer pose any difficulty.

Ear ringing (tinnitus) is hearing a ringing sound in the ear, and the majority of the population has experienced it at some point. It is usually very unpleasant and persistent. Tinnitus is not a disease, but a symptom that leads to disturbances of sleep, tiredness, stress, memory problems and concentration. An important feature of OPN is the ability to mask tinnitus and thereby eliminate or reduce it to an acceptable level.

There is nothing shameful in wearing a hearing aid

Hearing impairment is a widespread phenomenon throughout the world. If you do not hear well, you are not the only one, because it is estimated that every fourth person over the age of 55 has a hearing impairment. The right solution is a modern hearing aid that will enable you to understand your interlocutor, even in the most difficult situations, and help you do your work, lead an active life, use your telephone without an problems, spend more time with your family and friends, help you with shopping and with other activities The vast majority of the people you talk to will not even notice that you are using a hearing aid, but they will immediately notice that you have misunderstood some the said words, or that you have not heard them at all. It can be very uncomfortable if this becomes a regular occurrence.

Now, that we have explained this in more detail, we highly recommend that you act immediately if you suspect that you have a hearing impairment. You can schedule a check up at any of Audiovox’s offices, and, if needed, try on hearing aids so that our professional team and the latest digital hearing aids can help you to hear well again. Also, you can do all of this in the English language too. You can schedule an appointment by calling 011/26-21-071. For more information, please go to www.audiovox.rs .

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