“Two wheels across Europe – 2000 years of common history” at IIC

Italian Cultural Institute (Kneza Miloša 56) is opening the exhibition “Two wheels across Europe – 2000 years of common history” Opening of the exhibition “European corridors – from ancient Roman Chariot of Pirot to today’s Vespa” on the 9th of June.


On display will be the chariot from the Roman age  found near Pirot (from the exhibition “Journey of the Roman chariot” of the National Museum in Belgrade) and and the same time, the famous Italian Vespa turns 70, so there is a perfect occasion for staging such an event!

The metal parts of a Roman chariot discovered in 2013 in the village of Staničenje near Pirot have allowed scientists to design and build a replica of the object. It is a light tank equipped with large wheels suitable to travel. The waggon was placed in a burial mound in an area where other Roman mounds had been discovered previously. Everything ‘indicates that it is certainly a votive chariot, used to a funeral ritual, probably dating back to a date around the end of the first beginning of the second century A.D.

The Italian Cultural Centre celebrates the two-weel transport that originated in the area of the today’s Italy!

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