Ambassador’s postcards- Hej, Jan!

Recently, we got an interesting mail. The former Swedish ambassador to Serbia, Jan Lundin, had to say some nice words about the memories from our country and his new appointment

Photo: © Jan Lundin, personal archive

Jan Lundin, former ambassador of Sweden to Serbia (and Montenegro), left his position in September 2021 after five years in Belgrade. He moved then to Russian Federation to be appointed as consul general of Sweden in Saint Petersburg.

  • What have you been doing since you left Belgrade?

In late August last year, I left Belgrade straight for Saint Petersburg, where I took up work as the 45th Swedish representative (Consul General) during the 300 years Sweden has had diplomatic missions here. Saint Petersburg is a beautiful and important city with world-class institutions in culture, science, and – important for me personally – chess… Sadly, recent political and military developments have complicated life here for Western diplomats. I would have liked to engage in bilateral cooperation with Russia. Because of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, this has largely stopped. The same goes for our business ties.

  • What (and who) do you miss the most from Serbia?

Serbia is, for me, of course, much more than a professional destination since my wife Milica grew up in Belgrade, and my daughter Sonja now lives and works there. I miss many things, mostly my friends, but of course, how well-received Swedish diplomats are wherever they go in your country. The long, warm falls and springs and commendably short winters are great too. And then there is the food…northern countries like Sweden and Russia cannot compete with a country where the sun shines much more and has a great tradition of preparing lovely food. Serbia straddles the Habsburg and the Ottoman food legacy/tradition with fantastic results! Finally, having also been accredited in Montenegro, I must mention the Adriatic coast, which is just as great in both climate and food tradition. Thus, I go back several times a year!

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