Another salary increase in the drugstore chain dm: “We grow as long as our employees progress”

Drugstore chain dm drogerie markt started 2023 by increasing salaries for its employees by 15 percent. This gesture by one of the most desirable employers in the country followed three increases during the previous year

Positive business practices, continuous monitoring of inflationary and other economic factors, along with market competitive wages are characteristic for work in this chain, which, following the quote “Work inspired by life”, strives to provide its employees with numerous intangible benefits as well.

“We often say ‘dm is more than an employer’, reflecting the fact we strongly believe the economy should serve people, and not the opposite. Our guiding idea is that we grow as long as our employees thrive and as long as we share a common philosophy of what our company should be. Inspired by this vision, we’ll continue to provide them with conditions within they can develop on a personal and professional level”, said the human resources department manager of dm company, Maja Petrovic Kolakovic.

In addition to regular salary increases, dm strives to provide its employees and their families with better living and working conditions through various benefits. Just some of the incentives at the company are market-competitive salaries, the 13th and 14th salary during the year, taking care of employees’ health by introducing free systematic examinations, health packages and visits to a physiotherapist. Also, the smart working concept as an opportunity to work from home, professional training and education, as well as numerous activities for employees’ children.

Furthermore, drugstore chain dm motivates its collective to participate in socially responsible activities of the company, thus employees receive one day off for such engagement. These initiatives are very popular in the company and hundreds of employees have participated in “Plant a tree” project so far (implemented since 2019 by dm and Adria Media Group with institutional partners, resulted by more than 462,000 saplings planted).

Having all that in mind, dm company is officially considered one of the most desirable employers in Serbia, since it has been among the favorites for two years in the most massive survey of this type, “Talent X”, conducted by the Jobs Infostud portal.

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