Brooklyn – craft brewing gourmet way

At a special gathering of beer masters, in the pleasant ambience of the Tika’s Restaurant, and organised by Carlsberg Srbija, the experts of the Brooklyn Brewery showed why craft beer gave a special pleasure to a gourmet experience


The experts pf the Brooklyn Brewery Johan Brunner, the director of Brooklyn for the European market and Irina Darling, global brand ambassador, were guests of the company Carlsberg Srbija and they presented three types of Brooklyn beer as well as their perfect mixture with the food at the pleasant evening organised at Tika’s Restaurant dedicated to superb taste of beer and food. Brooklyn Sorachi Ace, a pale ale brewed with refreshing bitterness and fruity taste, Brooklyn East IPA, clear and drinkable Indian pale ale beer of genuine bitterness and citrus taste and Brooklyn Lager, a beer with a refreshing bitterness and floral hop aroma that gives a slight taste of caramel malt were presented to the unusual gourmet cuisine of the famous cook Petar Gajić, the founder of Culinary association of Serbia.


The basic characteristics of craft beer lies in the name – the word “craft” is about craft, hand-made beer, which is different from the mass industrial produced beer by a strict selection of ingredients of proven origin, production in limited quantities, with a wide range of flavours that arise due to various combinations of selected ingredients. The method of production of craft beer itself spawned a large number of distinctive styles including the pale ale, pale ale zither, ipa, apa, wheat beer, porter, stout, imperial stout, imperial IPA, smoked beer, and many others.


During the 1800s, Brooklyn was one of the centres of American brewery with fifty families who were making beer of unique quality and taste. Under the onslaught of the harsh competition brewery were, one after another, closed until Steve Hindi and Tom Potter settled in Brooklyn in 1984 and founded the eponymous brewery with a desire to return a good beer to New York City. In cooperation with the US brewing expert, William Meller, they created the recipe for the famous Brooklyn Lager thus beginning a rich history of craft brewing in the world. In 1996, in cooperation with the famous New York brewery master Garrett Oliver, they opened up a new modernised Brooklyn brewery and developed a number of new varieties of Brooklyn beer, including the Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout, Brooklyn East India Pale Ale, Brooklyn Pennant Ale ’55. The Brooklyn Brewery is becoming an ever growing player in the craft brewing industry and its founders in 2003 joined forces with two of the largest distributors in New York City, and Brooklyn beer began its journey around the world. Due to the global cooperation between Carlsberg and the Brooklyn Brewery, beer lovers now have the opportunity to, try the Brooklyn Lager, IPA Brooklyn East and Sorachi Ace within the portfolio of the company Carlsberg Srbija.

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