Celebrating MERITA: A Praise of European Musical and Cultural Heritage

In a grand display of support for the rich and diverse cultural heritage of Europe, the Ambassador of Italy, Luca Gori, hosted a reception at his residence in Belgrade on May 17

This special event was held in collaboration with the Belgrade Heritage Forum, in partnership with EUROPA NOSTRA, to promote the European project, MERITA.

MERITA, an acronym merging Music, cultural hERItage, and TAlent, is a pioneering initiative fostering the visibility and recognition of emerging European string quartets. It’s an innovative bridge connecting music, culture, and talent, celebrating the unique blend that characterizes European culture. The project’s key work is the creation of a digital platform, accelerating increased exposure and distribution of the work of these talented quartets across the continent and beyond.

To highlight the essence of MERITA, the evening was enlivened by a performance from the Meraki String Quartet, whose harmonious strains perfectly encapsulated the project’s core objective.

The Belgrade Heritage Forum’s collaboration on this event signifies the shared commitment to valorizing and preserving cultural heritage across Europe. It demonstrates the power of joint efforts in fostering an appreciation for cultural treasures that form the shared historical and artistic frame of our societies. EUROPA NOSTRA, as a leading voice in cultural heritage in Europe, partnering on this event, is a testament to the importance and value of MERITA’s vision.

The event marked not just a promotion of the MERITA project but also a celebration of the shared cultural heritage and talent across Europe. It reflected the vision of fostering a space where talent can shine, heritage is preserved, and the music continues to unite.

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