Concerts by Amira Medunjanin on December 22 and 23 in the Synagogue, in Novi Sad

With the last month of the year, the traditional performances of the international ethnic music diva Amira Medunjanin follow

Tickets for the first concert were sold out in just a few days. Tickets for the second concert – December 23 are on sale from today in Music Youth of Novi Sad (Katolička porta 2, tel. 021/452-344), weekdays from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. On-line reservations and payments to the account at the link.

Amira’s interpretation, which convincingly evokes all the beauty, melodic richness and messages of traditional sevdalinka, is unique on the contemporary ethnic scene. Just like herself – direct, warm and witty.

From 2018, and for the next five years, she held a series of fantastic and unforgettable and always sold-out concerts in December, with the Vojvodina Symphony Orchestra and maestro Mikic Jevtić.

At the announced concerts, this time, Amira will perform in the chamber formation of a trio, together with two exceptional musicians – accordion player Antonije Vrbički and violinist Leopold Stašić, in the lofty space of the Synagogue.

Ticket prices:

2,500 RSD ground floor centre and gallery and 2,000 RSD ground floor from the side.




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