COTRUGLI Summer Leadership (Re)Treat with Mike George

The finest art of them all – how to achieve supreme leadership

Leadership is something we prefer to view as art. It takes a lot of effort, commitment, sweat, and tears, but it also has a human touch. We often forget we are humans first. A supreme leader can’t be a leader if he doesn’t nurture himself and his well-being.

Because every leader needs a leader

We frequently appear to be living in the “fast lane” as the world accelerates, but we are prone to forgetting our own needs. Although we may be leading others, have we developed the ability to lead ourselves? Learn how to guide yourself and upgrade your leadership skills with “Summer Leadership (Re)Treat with Mike George”!

Choose to slow down in a world that is characterized by rapid change. Inhale, and pay attention. Mr Mike George will help you develop a fresh, unique leadership style that is centered on the well-being of people and helps you break through outdated leadership habits.

Repetition is the mother of learning

Just like last summer, COTRUGLI is bringing you free six online sessions that will give you insight on various topics relevant to developing your own leadership style.

6 Key Leadership Development Areas

Topics that await youFrom Force to Power, Dealing with Difficult Relationships, Living and Leading with Purpose, Are you Walking the Path of the Master or the Path of the Slave?, Mysteries of Karma and the Law of Reciprocity, Leading with Emotional Intelligence.

Online sessions are free for all applicants and available until 31st August 2022. For more information visit: Summer Leadership (Re)Treat with Mike George

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