During the Holidays This Year, Coca-Cola celebrates the Spirit of Santa in All of Us

After decades of spreading real magic during the holidays, at the top of Santa’s wish list, this year is an act of kindness. With the campaign “The World Always Needs Santa Claus More”, Coca-Cola celebrates the magic of kindness, generosity and goodwill around the world and reminds us that the spirit of Santa Claus lives in all of us every day

During this year’s holidays, we recognize that even the smallest gesture of kindness to others can warm the heart and awaken the “inner Santa Claus” in us. Whether it’s helping a neighbour, sharing the last bottle of Coca-Cola, or helping an unknown passer-by in need.

This November and December, the campaign will awaken the spirit of holidays and togetherness and show how real magic multiplies when each of us embraces our “inner Santa” through the new “Find the Santa in You” quiz available on the Coca-Cola app and mobile search engines. To take part in the quiz, you need to download the Coca-Cola app and answer five simple questions.

To find as many Santas around the world as possible, Coca-Cola has created a quiz that determines what type of “inner Santa” you are. After completing the quiz, as part of the holiday giveaway, Coca-Cola will donate to the Red Cross on your behalf.

Start the holiday magic with the Coca-Cola collection

To start the holiday magic, through the Coca-Cola app, you have the opportunity to win a holiday collection of decorations or kitchen elements that will make your family dinner magical and will additionally warm your home. Find more information about the awards at the link.

For Coca-Cola, the holidays have always represented true bonding magic, encouraging people to gather around the table and share much more than a meal over a bottle of Coca-Cola.

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