Dynamic Life – revolutionary savings model presented

Generali Osiguranje Srbija, the leader in the life insurance market, and Dynamic Life, a start-up, presented a financial product that will change the way of savings. This unique program combines savings and protection through life insurance based on the latest technologies and needs of the local market

Dragan Filipović, President of the Executive Board in Generali Osiguranje Srbija

The Dynamic Life insurance policy enables holders to save through their daily purchase of products and services; as a vendor or producer of products they purchased, a partner in this project deposits part of an amount to their Dynamic Life insurance policy.

This is possible thanks to a large number of partner companies that have joined the Dynamic Life savings program.

Via the DynamicLife mobile app, insurance holders can check the amount of their savings in real time and obtain information about partners and the benefits they offer. DynamicLife, available for download on iStore and AppStore, is a tool for using the Dynamic Life policy and a source of all information a holder needs in the savings process.

“Dynamic Life is designed as the first “smart” policy, combining elements of daily spending and turning them into savings and life insurance. In a relaxed and entertaining manner, a holder saves money through their daily shopping and spending. Thus, Dynamic Life should become part of their everyday life. Thanks to modern technologies, savings are performed in front of the eyes of a holder, who has an insight into their policy, namely savings status in the app. In addition, this program gathers a  significant number of partner companies and products, with part of the money spent on purchase allocated for savings, and the entire process aims to provide a holder with an interesting interactive digital experience,” underlined Nenad Obućina, the creator of the Dynamic Life savings program.

The Dynamic Life savings program duration is limited to 180 months, with a maximum savings amount of cca RSD 1,200,000. Throughout that period, holders also have life insurance to the amount of RSD 250,000.

“Generali Osiguranje Srbija is renowned in the market for innovation and introduction of new trends in all areas of insurance. As the leader in the life insurance market for more than a decade, we constantly improve our products and services. With digitalization and streamlining of the process of policy arrangement, we aim to provide clients with the best service possible and support them with high-quality products in deciding to take responsibility and provide a safer future for them and their loved ones. In the program designed by the Dynamic Life start-up, we recognized the potential for marketing a new life insurance product, enabling clients to invest in life insurance in a new way by purchasing various products and services. We believe that we will bring the essence of life insurance even more closely to a wider population and spread the insurance culture,” noted Dragan Filipović, President of the Executive Board in Generali Osiguranje Srbija.

In order to save through the Dynamic Life program, a holder needs to take the Dynamic Life insurance policy in Generali Osiguranje Srbija branches or at info desks located in Univerexport retail outlets, as well as deposit the initial savings amount of RSD 1,000 as the insurance premium to their Dynamic Life policy.

Then the holder continues to save through daily spending activities by presenting a barcode from the home screen of the Dynamic Life mobile app after purchase to a cashier in a retail outlet. By reading the barcode, the app calculates the percentage of the purchase amount and transfers it to the Dynamic Life policy.

Furthermore, we have also enabled holders to save additionally by scanning a QR code from a fiscal receipt using the DynamicLife mobile app. The app will recognize purchased items, and if they are the items that the partners provided benefits for, the app will calculate the amount to be transferred to the Dynamic Life policy.

Holders can also round up their purchase amount with specific partners and thus make an additional deposit to their savings.

For more details about the Dynamic Life savings program, please visit dynamiclife.rs and generali.rs.

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