Ante Aralica, CEO of Mol Serbia: In the Top 15 Companies in Serbia

An increasing number of consumers trust us, which can be easily seen from the sales and the growth in the number of transactions

MOL Serbia has appointed Ante Aralica CEO of MOL Serbia in May. Mr Aralica is expert for corporate restructuring and organization of the sector with the view of improving the operations of large corporations.

The press release, following your appointment as the CEO of MOL Serbia, states that you will contribute to the company’s further development by utilizing the knowledge gained in leading positions in the tobacco and retail industries. Could you tell us about your plans?

— MOL has been present in the Serbian market for 15 years. Our customers recognize us for our high-quality additive EVO and EVO PLUS fuels, which increase engine performance and reduce gas emissions, as well as for our aspirations to follow and meet their needs in the non-fuel segment. By expanding business activities, MOL Serbia has positioned itself as second in terms of the volume of oil derivatives it puts out in the market. Also, recently we have opened a new fuel terminal in Sremski Karlovci, intending to secure the supply of high-quality fuel to the market, which will directly be coming from the MOL Group refineries. Apart from the fuel, our portfolio meets the customer needs for different products in the lubricants, bitumen and petrochemicals segments. The goal for the upcoming period is improving our business results. In addition to having a quality product, it is important to provide superior service and approach your customers in the right way if you want to have a successful business. This is why, in the following period, our focus will be on our customers – meeting their needs, introducing the technological innovations at service stations, and continuing the employee development following MOL values and our corporate culture.

Where do you see MOL Serbia in the next five to six years?

— The world, the way of life, customer needs and even the oil industry – everything is changing. Changes in customer habits are driven by rapid technological development and increased environmental awareness. MOL Serbia is a part of MOL Group, which has a clearly defined 2030 Strategy, which recognizes the expected changes in the oil industry, as well as the importance of technology and innovation. Part of the 2030 Strategy is diversifying the portfolio and entering new industries, such as petrochemicals, but also bringing customers closer to services such as the Fresh Corner Concept, which has been present in Serbia since 2015. Fresh Corner is a regional concept that involves top quality product offering – coffee that makes us recognizable, but also fresh food, crispy pastries and sandwiches. The popularity of Fresh Corner and our coffee is best illustrated by the fact that, in 2018, more than 47 million cups of coffee were sold at  Fresh Corners across the region. For all of us who work at the company, the 2030 Strategy defines the direction and path we take in meeting the market challenges, but also helps us lead the changes that lie ahead. The ultimate goal is to remain the number one choice of our consumers.

What share of the Serbian market is set as the company’s ultimate goal?

— An increasing number of consumers trust us, which can be easily seen from the sales and growth in the number of transactions. That is why, for us, it is important to be as close as possible to them; accessible in all parts of Serbia. With that in mind, the priority for the upcoming period is the retail network expansion and the opening of new service stations, both in Belgrade and in cities across Serbia. With the expansion of our retail network and the introduction of new personalized services tailored to customer habits, we are convinced that success will follow, further contributing to boosting our market share.

How satisfied are you with the business results so far?

— In 2018, in terms of operating income, MOL Serbia was among the top 15 companies in Serbia. Our stations are, for a long time now, not simply places where you can only buy fuel – there you can also drink coffee, have lunch, pay your bills… Our loyal customers care about their cars and that is why they opt for high-quality fuel that enables high engine performance. To reward their loyalty, we have launched MOL Plus club loyalty programme, whereby interested consumers can collect points easily when making purchases at MOL Serbia stations. We are proud of having 200,000 loyal customers.

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