Interview with Kruna Gavović  Marketing manager, TMS CEE 

As TMS companies, we cooperate closely and exchange experiences, plans and data on a regular basis

The highest standards and services

A 360 degree is the key to the robust and complete system of the corporate security

I believe that potentials of TMS CEE are highly underused, and my primary goal is to raise the visibility and awareness of our services and to gain the both local and international recognition.

You recently took over the position of Marketing Manager of TMS CEE. What are your first impressions about the new job?

Although I know the company for several years as a legal advisor, it was really a surprise to see how many different and complex activities are needed to achieve a good marketing process running. This is a challenging and demanding position, but it also offers tremendous opportunities, which I plan to explore.

What are the leading services of TMS CEE in this moment?

Certification still has the major share and it is the service commonly associated with us. But, other services, especially within the Industry and Energy sector and the services related to hot topics, like GDPR, Compliance, Risk Management and Corporate Security, are getting the momentum and the demand is growing. Also, there are some exclusive and niche services, like Family Friendly Enterprise, Reinforcement Steel certification, Rail sleepers control, Lean Six Sigma accredited courses and other, which make our offer more complete.

Hot topics you mentioned are induced by market demand or law requirements?

Sometimes it is the red tape which induces the market requirements, like it is the case with GDPR – General Data Protection Regulative, which is to come in power on May 28th. It is mandatory not just for EU companies, but also for the companies which possess the EU citizen data in any form, and it is the vast majority of the companies. The requirements of this regulative are complex and it is not easy to fulfill them without huge expert knowledge. The implementation process comprehends not just the Data Protection Impact Analysis and Privacy Impact Analysis and related measures and procedures, but also many other activities, like the training for top management, employees and Data Protection Officers, when required. TMS CEE now offers the one-stop solutions for GDPR – we have gathered top experts from legal, IT and Corporate Governance area.

Other such topics, like Risk Management, Compliance and Corporate Security, are more market-driven. The trigger for them is mostly the ever-increasing instances of the corporate incidents, like Dieselgate, Fukushima or Deepwater Horizon, to mention a few. Recognizing that, TMS CEE developed a range of services within the Corporate Security area, mainly in cooperation with Security Faculty of Belgrade University.

Level and the way of implementation of Risk Management within major companies in the world is assessed “satisfactory and complete” only by 12% of the companies, according to the recent study!

Can you tell us more about Corporate Security services you perform? Isn’t that usually the area of security firms?

A 360 degree, or better said, holistic approach, is the key to the robust and complete system of the corporate security and it is the ground for our services. Services are scalable and include: Corporate Security Audit, Due Diligence, Gap Analyze, Study and necessary trainings, from top management to the employees.

Today we have the significant experience in the area of Corporate Security: from airports, security sensitive printing companies, to complex holdings and big energy companies. Through this process we acquired the know-how we can internationalize, and first negotiations are under way, with companies ranging from US to China. We know that companies are not satisfied with how secure they feel, and our tools and methodology can contribute to them significantly.

Your company has TÜV SUD origins?

Exactly. The genesis of TMS CEE in a unique way connects the greatest German TÜV organization – unmatched both in business excellence and as one of the most desirable employers – with local biggest inspection company and own know-how accumulated from the experience of two-decade work with best local and world companies. We are proud of our origins and our business philosophy closely reflects this, maybe highlighted best through our moto: “TMS – Client success!”

We are the official Cooperation Partner of TÜV SUD and we are obliged to apply all the highest standards which are in use with TÜV SUD.

What about the presence in other countries?

The territory where we perform certification together with TÜV SUD Management Service is the area of Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Republika Srpska. TMS RUS in Moscow, independent company who is also Cooperation Partner of TÜV SUD, is responsible for the area of Russian Federation, Belarus, Kirgizstan, Kazakhstan and Armenia. There is also a TMS Ukraine company in Kiev.

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