Jovan Stojanović, Director of InJob International: Trusted recruiters

Our goal is for InJob International is to be the first choice whenever a company needs workers.

In Job international helps client to find a job in Germany. We spoke with the director Jovan Stojanovic about the process.

Could you describe your agency in a few short sentences for us?

Our agency was founded in response to the need that was created following the intergovernmental treaty concluded between Serbia and Germany several years ago. Our staff possesses the licenses issued by the line ministry and the National Employment Office, while the agency’s associates in Germany are also licensed in accordance with the German laws which are all a guarantee of quality and competence in providing services. Considering there is a need to provide comprehensive quality services, the agency also runs a German language school.

Could you tell us more about this school?

Once we recognized that not knowing German language was the main obstacle to finding a job in Germany, opening such school was the next logical step. We are also providing scholarships for learning German and working in Germany, without any financial cost.

How involved is your agency in other activities in this (recruitment) segment?

Since we want this segment to be better systemically regulated, we have initiated establishment of a relevant association under the umbrella of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce. Through this mechanism we want to influence the conditions that we operate in. We are also very involved in the process of drafting the law that will be important for this segment with the view of having a system that is better regulated.

What is so unique about your operations?

I believe that we are different to others because it is our goal to establish long-term cooperation. The candidates have to have a special level of expertise and experience, a suitable psychological profile, and be goal-orientated which basically means getting a job in Germany and carrying out nostrification of their diplomas. On the other hand, clients have to adhere to German regulation in terms of labour rights, as well as be mindful, together with us, about how well the candidate is adapting, their accommodation and the activities on diploma nostrification.

What kind of problems have you come up against in your work? What kind of problems would you like to mention?

I would like to single out a problem with obtaining a visa at the consulate office. I am referring to the length of the time needed to be given an appointment date for visa. In my opinion, waiting two or even three months for the appointment date is unjustifiably long, and is not in the best interest of clients in Germany or candidates who already have a working permit at that point. Anyhow, I think that it is only reasonable that agency, like ours, should be given a special treatment at the Consulate because that would simplify and facilitate the entire process.

What else would you like to mention that you consider important?

We believe that business success is a consequence, not a goal. Our aim is to satisfy the needs of our clients and candidates. Our goal is for InJob International to be the first choice whenever a company needs workers. Our goal is also for our candidates to get in touch with us once they get a job, expressing their gratefulness. This is already happening. All of this makes us confident that we are going to remain leaders in this segment.

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