Legacy and Vision – Jovanka Broz Foundation Unveils Ambitious Plans at Star-Studded Gala

On December 7, in a fitting tribute to the legacy of Jovanka Broz on her birthday, the Jovanka Broz Foundation, in collaboration with Diplomacy&Commerce Magazine, hosted a remarkable presentation at the scenic Babe Hotel in Belgrade

This event, marked by elegance and purpose, showcased the foundation’s ongoing work and future aspirations, including an extraordinary auction of original photographs of the late Jovanka Broz, a prominent figure in Serbian history.

The Foundation’s ambitious plans were unveiled, highlighting their commitment to cultural preservation and social empowerment. Key among these goals is the establishment of a museum dedicated to First Ladies, a move seen as both a tribute to the legacy of Broz and an educational initiative. Additionally, the foundation emphasized its dedication to restoring Broz’s personal collection, a significant undertaking that will offer invaluable insight into her life and times.

Another keystone of the foundation’s mission is to extend support to women who have suffered from violence, reflecting a broader commitment to social justice and empowerment. Furthermore, the foundation expressed a profound dedication to nurturing young talent, outlining plans to assist gifted children, thereby investing in the future of the nation.

The event was graced by the presence of notable figures, including Rober Čoban, President of the Color Press Group, and Svetlana Zorina Aleksić, founder of the Jovanka Broz Foundation. Their speeches not only paid homage to the memory of Jovanka Broz but also reiterated the foundation’s dedication to making a tangible impact in the realms of culture, social work, and education.

The significance of the event was further underscored by the attendance of Tamara Vučić, the First Lady of Serbia, along with luminaries from the Serbian business and cultural sectors. The presence of government representatives and members of the diplomatic corps added a layer of gravitas, highlighting the wide-reaching influence and respect the foundation commands.

For those interested in owning a piece of history, the foundation has provided an opportunity to purchase the remaining photographs of Jovanka Broz through an auction. This unique opportunity is available on Diplomacy and Commerce’s website, offering a chance to acquire a tangible connection to Serbia’s past while supporting the foundation’s noble causes.

This memorable event, with its blend of cultural homage and forward-thinking goals, stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of Jovanka Broz and the foundation’s commitment to shaping a future inspired by her life and values.



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