Lidl Serbia: With Green Construction to Energy Efficiency

Lidl Serbia is the holder of the EDGE certificate given by an international financial institution, a member of the World Bank Group

In recent years, focusing on energy efficiency has become the business standard in responsible companies, both because of cutting down on costs and its impact on the environment. Lidl Serbia is one of the leaders in this segment and a pioneer in the implementation of innovative solutions in green building which is validated by the fact that over 40 Lidl stores possess the EDGE certificate (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies), awarded by the IFC, an international financial institution which is a member of the World Bank Group which aim is to facilitate development worldwide.

The prestigious EDGE certificate validates construction solutions that save energy and water, as well as reduces emissions at least by 20%. Thus, Lidl stores use on average a quarter less energy and water compared to facilities of similar size and purpose, while some of the Lidl stores achieve impressive energy savings of up to 65%, which directly contributes to environmental preservation. Operating savings related to harmful CO2 emissions, on average, amount to an impressive 82.92 tonnes per store.

„Activities aimed at the efficient use of energy, water and reduction of harmful gas emissions, which we have been carrying out since we built our facilities, affirm our commitment to socially responsible business. Aware of the great impact we have on the community, through numerous initiatives and letters of intent, we are changing our attitude towards resources with the view of reducing the negative impact on nature as well as on society. We are particularly pleased that the independent validation of our efforts, in the form of the EDGE certificate, came from such a credible institution as the IFC, a World Bank Group member. Our plan is to widen the good practice of green construction to all new facilities in the future, thanks to which we are going to save even more resources and have a positive impact on society,“ said Martina Petrovic, Head of Corporate Communications at Lidl Serbia, who is also responsible for CSR activities at the company.

Lidl stores use on average a quarter less energy and water compared to facilities of similar size and purpose, while some of the Lidl stores achieve impressive energy savings of up to 65%“

To ensure such a significant effect on our environment, green construction is a prerequisite that entails using more environmentally friendly materials, installation of energy-saving light bulbs and sensors that control space lighting, as well as systems for efficient water use and similar measures.

Another validation of Lidl’s success in regard to energy efficiency is the ISO 50001 certificate awarded by the DEKRA organization, which implies the installation and management of energy consumption system and further boosting business through improving energy efficiency in all areas of business activity.

Furthermore, Lidl is preparing to install even more innovative and efficient energy-saving solutions in selected stores, the construction of which is planned for the future. Through these activities, the number of Lidl stores in our country, in which construction and operations are founded on environmental principles, is growing, which can be a good incentive for others to join this green initiative that will contribute to the preservation of ecosystems.

About Lidl

Lidl is part of Schwarz Gruppe, based in Germany, which is one of the leading food discount chains in Europe. It operates in 32 countries around the world and has more than 310,000 employees.

Lidl opened its first stores in Serbia in October 2018 and currently has 51 stores in 32 cities across the country. We have long-term plans with the goal of offering consumers throughout Serbia a unique shopping experience and the best value for their money, which is something that we are recognized for worldwide. Based on the certification by the Top Employers Institute for the best employer, Lidl is the holder of the Top Employer Serbia and Top Employer Europe certificates for 2021.

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