Medan: Full support for the domestic Dina card

The President of the Executive Board of Komercijalna Banka, Dr Vladimir Medan, said at the promotion of the new Dina card design, the satisfaction that the bank included the new-old brand “Dina Kartica” in its operations and underlined that Komercijalna Banka issued over 11,000 new Dina cards only last month.

“Komercijalna Banka decided to enter into additional development of Dina cards for several reasons, and one of them is what is a home card and all the costs related to that card are much lower and much closer to all the bank’s clients, and the priority is that the client be satisfied” said Medan. He added that the Bank also wanted to encourage the best in our country, which are young artists and creators, and decided to “insert” a part of the image of the young Serbian artist Gala Čaki in the new design of the Dina Card. Governor of the National Bank of Serbia, Dr Jorgovanka Tabaković, said on promotion that the domestic Dina card increased the number of non-cash payments, while reducing the costs and share of the grey economy.

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